19 August 2007


middle school science projects. learning to drive together. moving out together. college. snowboarding. living together. the first beer together. trips. talks. inspiration. struggling together. making it together.

as friends, we have walked this life, and though at times it may have seemed to be from afar, side-by-side. so, it only makes sense that two of my best friends vern and jeremiah, get engaged and schedule weddings within months of each other. the three of us found each his respective mate, and set each his respective date to wed all this year. so, when vern asked me to be one of his groomsmen, and he one of mine, it only made the process that much more meaningful. add to that, vern's intuition for style, and i couldn't wait to here how that process would... well... process.

it all started with the guys meeting at austin taylor in anaheim for our private fitting. thank you dave for your class and hospitality. if you need help finding "your" look, dave welch is the guy you need to see. here are some shots from his anaheim showroom.

welcome to gentlemen's day.

of course, no gentlemen can visit the tailor without enjoying an ice-cold beverage and a game of billiards (not to mention the big screen tv's and leather couches if you want to catch some of espn's finest).

congratulations vern and melinda, and thank you for inviting me into the process.


  1. Sooo rad!! How stoked was Vern to have his own personal photographer at the fitting?! ;)

  2. amazing. gabe...you're a better photographer than Jasmine Starr. Nobody else can see this, right? Thanks. I want to take all the photos and keep them forever. I'm really really impressed.

  3. Gabe Great pictures man! They turned out really well, keep up the good wirk