23 March 2010

Thank God for Northern California - Emily and Pablo

it seemed as if God had opened the flood gates of His favor upon the east bay of san francisco, with nothing but greens and purples and golden light pouring down from the skies and dancing up from the earth.

no, i am not exaggerating... it was magical. and no, not like gob-and-the-aztec-tomb-magical, but REAL magic. add to that, two incredibly personal and beautiful people, and the joy of my job as a wedding photographer nearly stopped me in my tracks.

but, you've heard it a million times before. and the answer is, YES, we are truly blessed by our clients. so, for this post i would like to share [and hopefully, emily you don't mind me sharing], the words of our client and our friend, emily.

just days after returning from shooting emily and pablo's engagement in northern california, we received a hand-written thank you note. as if the gift of their friendship weren't enough, emily & pablo's gratefulness is truly touching. i slipped the card out of the envelope and it read:

Dear Carlie & Gabriel,

Thank you both so much for coming up to Nor. Cal. for our pictures... Pablo & I had SO much fun! I was amazed at how fluidly you two operated & worked together. Gabriel, the way you silently scoped out the area, with a big smile on your face, says so much about your passion for what you do... & I loved it every time you said, "killer," because I knew that you were really happy with a picture :) And Carlie, you guided Pablo & I so well! We never felt out of place or awkward and that's all thanks to your direction & placement of our hair, smiles, and poses. Together, you guys are AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

You guys ROCKED it!


no, emily... YOU guys rocked it!!
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  1. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous work you guys!

  2. WOW! You weren't joking on the amazing light. You are blessed to have this talent in what I truly believe is the state with THE most unbelievable beauty (and light!) Kudos to you for representing it OH so well :)

  3. These pictures are amazing! You and Carlie are killer!

  4. gorgeous! love the yellow shirt...can't wait til it's warm enough here in Canada to be able to wear mine in brown! love Banana Republic!! beautiful photos!

  5. Everything about this session is fanstatic. I love your scenary, photo comp, and the couple! Gorgeous!!

  6. These are beautiful! I love the locations!

  7. These photos are so beautiful!!! You guys are amazing, AND the soon to be bride and groom couldn't be more beautiful themselves! Love you Em and Pablo! Cant wait for your special day :)

  8. Seriously, amazzzzzing. Love the light! Isn't nor cal awesome?!

  9. They are beautiful portraits Gabe and Carli! I love all the yellow and the locations are simply gorgeous. You always end up with the cutest couples, how do you do it? I guess like attracts like ;)

  10. Great session and adorable couple!!