25 March 2010

The Photo Blogger's Equivalent to Non-Verbal Communication... and why we moved our blog


for the last 1,084 days, our blogger photo blog has been the perfect tool for the telling of our story; it was simple, free, and it was the space where you, our friends & our family, offered the most valuable gift you possess: your attention & a wonderfully elaborate conversation.

then, about a year ago, carlie & i began asking a new question, with the aim of bringing more value to you, our friends & our family...

what is the promise we are making as the gabriel.ryan. brand?

it is commonly known that in communication, most of the exchange that takes place in a conversation is actually non-verbal: facial reactions, hand motions, tone. so, it was in asking the question "what is the promise we are making..." that we discovered the answer would be found if we could properly answer another question: "how should we make that promise?"

we learned the value we bring to the market place as a husband and wife wedding photographer boutique is not simply the content of our conversation: the photos and ideas we love to share. we learned the value of our story, of our brand, is both the product we deliver as well as the way we deliver that product.

with that in mind, we began discussing the re-invention of our blog. and, after countless emails, a handful of fights, numerous mini-victories, and the aid of an incredible team of people over at into the darkroom, we are excited to share the new arena for this conversation to continue.

so, we urge you to update us in your favorite bookmarks, and stop by our new blog. we can't wait to continue the conversation!! come tell us what you think.

the new url is http://www.gabrielryan.net/blog. see you there...


  1. It looks great guys! Congrats!

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