11 February 2010

This Is How We Do It - Image Processing

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a core value here at gabriel.ryan.photographers. is setting clear expectations for our clients and delivering the goods on time, every time, exactly as promised... and with a smile. simply put, we make promises to our clients and we aim to follow up on each of those promises.

and though most of what we do, the actual work of owning a wedding photographer studio, is social; connecting with new people and getting to know them... there is still a very tangible need: delivering remarkable photographs.

for that aim, every image we present to you goes through a very specific artistic process. first, we capture the raw image. second, we create a proof of each image. third, we refine a select few that have been chosen to be hung on your wall or shared in your wedding book.

as simply as i can share, but no simpler, here's an overview of how we do it here, at gabriel.ryan.photographers.

nothing can compare to a well-crafted image. as photographers and student's of our craft, we first focus to capture quality images... in camera. we define a well-crafted image to blend a great moment with the right light, great composition, and proper exposure. even though you will never see one of these raw images in your custom gallery, or on our website, it serves as the foundation for what defines our style here at gabriel.ryan.photographers.


what is a proof?
well, first, the "proofs" are simply a set of well-crafted images that we have been further processed, to refine exposure, contrast, and tone.

after we have culled through the raw images from a shoot, we promise delivery of your proofs quickly, but without sacrificing quality. for weddings, we can turnaround proofs in 6-8 weeks. and, for engagements, the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. it takes time to refine each image, but considering the debut of your proofs will be the first time you see your wedding images, we want to make sure they look great.

the first time you see ALL of the photos from your wedding, you will be browsing through your own custom online gallery. and, we also include a disc of the hi-resolution proofs in all of our collections, unless otherwise specified, which are delivered WITH the wedding book. these proofs are a great way to archive ALL of the images from your wedding and engagement.

for a select few, the artistic process continues. if an image is going to be shared in your wedding book, maybe you plan to frame & hang an image in your home, or even send a few fine art prints to your parents as a thank you gift, we want those images to look their absolute best. basically, any image will receive this special attention that is either: ordered through your online gallery to be printed, OR is selected to be a part of the story in your custom wedding book.

for this final step in the process, carlie [aka our empress of style] will open up each image individually, adding that signature gabriel.ryan. flare you have found on our website & blog, or in our custom books. though other photographers might disagree, we want to give you the digital copies of these fully-edited images, too... which is why we wait to deliver your disc of images with your wedding book... that you might have ALL of the final edits on disc.

we get asked all the time what do you actually do to your images and what do we get if we book you. at the end of the day, we revel in the responsibility to tell your story through our lens. and we can't wait for the day when that package arrives in the mail, with the gabriel.ryan. signature, and you open a box full of memories to be cherished forever.

p.s. we use a combination of our own custom lightroom presets, tra's totally rad photoshop actions, and kevin kubota's magic sharp, when processing our raw images to produce each client's set of proofs, and to achieve our look. also, we believe that our post-production efforts are best invested in the initial selection of our favorite images [the initial cull] and the final artistic retouching [the signature edit]. those two parts of the process are our stamp, our brand, our signature... so, we hold those parts of the process close, while outsourcing the bulk of our color correction to the incredible team over at shoot dot edit.

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  1. I love to see the before and afters! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful work.

  2. Great post! I like to get a peek behind the scenes :)

  3. First of all, your sooc shots are beautiful! I love your style of processing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Before and afters are the best! You guys are great!

  5. This was great to read!! I currently use Kevin Kubota's action set as well; however, I want to purchase TRA also. Would you recommend getting the original set, or TRA-2?

  6. great post gabriel! loved reading about your process!

  7. thank you for posting this great explanation for clients.

  8. i LOVE before and afters. you rock for sharing!

  9. Hey guys, thanks so much for posting this info... I think it's paramount that as photographers we are clear on both the process and the "deliverables". Loved how you explained everything so crystal clear. You would've left me without a question in my mind as to how everything works with you guys. Thanks for sharing!

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