18 February 2010

The Perfect Engagement Shoot - Melanie and Jason

you guys up for it?, i asked through the small sliver-like opening of their driver-side window, rain dancing off our cars in the parking lot.

jason nodded his head in agreement and anticipation with melanie leaning over from the passenger side. i parked my car, grabbed my gear and my umbrella, and we started shooting.

i am always in awe, though not usually until after the fact, of how creative the Master Storyteller can turn an unfortunate change of events, something completely out of my control, into something truly remarkable... and all He asks, is that i lean into it.

though i can't take much of the credit on this one. the day of melanie and jason's engagement shoot, the weather picked up momentum throughout the day, until we found ourselves in the parking lot of the lab, in costa mesa, watching sheets of rain pour down on our shoot location. and it was melanie and jason who saw opportunity to pursue something unique that rainy day. so, with their willingness to get a little wet, their excitement to capture something special, and their confidence in my leadership to guide them, we started shooting...

we found nooks & crannys, shot under trees & umbrellas, through corridors man made & natural... and finally, as it subsided just enough, under the soft rhythm of the rain itself.

the first half of the images below are some of my favorites ever, and not because of the rain... nor because of the setting or the wardrobe... and not because i feel like i am God's gift to photography [because i am definitely not]. these are some of my favorites because melanie and jason are just the kind of people we feel blessed to come across in our work; the kind of people that find themselves no matter the setting.

we can't wait for your big day, and are so thankful we will be there to capture it. oh yeah... and thanks for the sprinkles.


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  1. Absolutely love these man :)
    WAY cool.

  2. Ohhh yeah! I love that last one!

  3. I love the style of this shoot! Definitely a Perfect one...

  4. Beautiful, but then again I would expect any different from you guys. ;)

  5. Beautiful, man. Love the shot on the grass! Such a nice moment.

  6. these are bautiful. and the coloring and tone. mmmmm mmmmm :)

  7. these are classics. love the feel of your style bro.

  8. So beautiful! I know they'll look back and treasure this day forever!

  9. "...and all He asks, is that i lean into it."

    Love that and this session. Great work!

  10. you two seriously make me reflect on life just by reading your blog. stunning.

  11. Fabulous shots, guys! LOVE the one with the umbrella! :)

  12. I love the image with umbrella! The rest are excellent as well!

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