15 January 2010

Reflection in a Quiet House

the citrus scent of murphy's lingers in the air as i relax on the couch, feet propped on our ottoman, laptop across my legs. i turn off all the noise: pandora, the tv... everything. and, i let the sounds of the outside world slowly seep into the living room. a late afternoon garbage truck makes his round, the driver surely anxious to complete his route before heading home to his family for the weekend. a muffled conversation between neighbors perks up, inarticulate but nonetheless there. but from inside our home... silence.

for the past week, carlie and lincoln have been a short flight, or a long drive, away. and though it's nice to have a quiet household and studio, in which to focus, work, and even gain some introspection, i miss my little family.

the 7:30am wake up call; lincoln's rhythmic cry alerting me he has woken from his rest and is ready to spend time with daddy. the conversations about ideas both carlie and i have, and working the creative process together. even sitting down to watch some mindless reality tv... i miss it all.

though it goes without saying, i think it is important to say. i love my wife. i love my son. and in the middle of a crazy world, a world with garbage trucks and muffled conversations, i am thankful that the heart of my story, that my heart, is part of those two incredible people.


  1. It's funny, every time my family goes away so I can get work done, I spend more time and creative energy missing them than getting work done - they are so much apart of us

  2. you three are blessed to have each other and it's awesome that you recongize/embrace that!

  3. Absolutely beautiful....

  4. I always cry with joy when i read you rpersonal posts. so so incredibly beautiful