27 November 2009

When is the last time YOU got on the other side of the camera

it's 3am, and you decided to opt out of opening Old Navy with the hordes of turkey-drunk bleary-eyed bargain-hunters, and stop by my li'l ol' blog instead.

i'm honored.

really... even if it happens to be a few hours later and your sitting in front of your computer, watching football with a turkey sandwich next to your keyboard, i am honored.

carlie & i have so much to be thankful for, most obviously, the birth of our son, lincoln.

so... inspired by a thankful heart, and our new friend jodi anne, i thought it would be of value to a handful of you, specifically my wedding photographer friends, to share my skills and experience.

  • first off, although you & i can both take a mean self-portrait, capable of winning awards across state lines, we really want a few great photographs of ourselves, and preferably not showing our forearm extended to the sky, when marketing our services online.
  • second, we crave the assurance that we are on the right track with our business... or at least, that we are going in the right direction.

so, my photographer friends... here is my black friday answer...

contact me before the clock strikes midnight tonight, and type in BLACKFRIDAY in the "referred by" box, and we'll work out the details for a personal editorial-style-photo-shoot[slash]business-consult. what exactly do you get?

.::. 1 hour on-location editorial-style photo shoot
.::. a disc of all the hi-res digital proofs, including...
.::. 10 images of your choice to be re-touched for your marketing efforts
.::. coffee for 1 hour directly following the shoot, to discuss whatever questions you have related to your business as a wedding photographer

.::. the investment: $500

so, when do you want to schedule your shoot/consult?



  1. Hi! Can you email me your "mentoring" rates for online sessions? I live in NM so can't meet you for coffee. tishgoff AT gmail DOT com

  2. ahhh man!!! I want an hour of coffee with you (and Carlie and Lincoln)!!! :o)

    Just a side note (that you can tell your clients came straight from my mouth so you don't feel like you're braggin' ha ha ha!! ) :: the hour of coffee would be FANTASTIC, but I learned soooo much during our shoots just by watching you and Carlie work your magic. Yes, I had a million questions running through my head, but the money spent for the shoot alone is completely INVALUABLE you to me!! :o) You also answered a few of my questions as we shot, which was SUPER nice!!

    Hope to see you in Vegas in March!

  3. I'm not a photographer and I don't live in Cali but I think this is such a great idea. Just thought I'd tell you that. ;) And congratulations on welcoming Lincoln to the world, he's precious. I'm a strong follower, first time commenter. Love you work!!

  4. I totally need new shots, perhaps when I go back to LA in March? Would be a great excuse to see Carlie again too ;)

  5. I wish I lived in Los Angeles so I could meet you and learn from you. I can see greatness just oozing out of your images. Lovely.