25 November 2009

It's Never Too Late to Take Wedding Photos - Jodi and Frasier

after weeks of emailing back & forth, the weekend was upon us. and though it had been years since their wedding, jodi was just as excited, as any bride, to pose for my camera. she rested in the coat of his arms, confident in her self and in their love.

i just can't say enough about jodi! armed with her joyful & passionate spirit, she embraces life as a loving mother & wife. she also happens to be a professional photographer [which is always an honor and privelege], based out of las vegas. so, when she contacted me for a potential photo-shoot, i was immediately excited!

after a few emails we realized 1 photo-shoot wouldn't be enough, so we actually made a weekend out of it, and completed 3 different shoots: a family shoot, a marketing shoot for her own photo business, and a day after shoot.

when it came to the day after shoot, i was thrilled. i have heard similar stories all too often... of a friend of a friend, who was disappointed with her wedding photographer, or the photographs themselves, or simply the experience, and it was all too late to correct. or is it?

though it had been years since their wedding, jodi & frasier were just as excited, as any bride & groom, to pose for my camera. and i am honored to help take them back, and enjoy their story.

p.s. thank you kristin at the treasured petal, for providing this incredible bouquet. your floral work is always stunning.
and, much thanks to the incredibly talented stylist, tiffany patton, for rocking out on jodi's hair & makeup.










custom gallery featuring ALL their photographs: Jodi-Anne-Photo-Gallery

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  1. Oh my!! I am floored!!!!!! Thank you sooo sooo sooo much! I can't express in words how honored I am to even be a part of your blog!! You guys rock!! I love ALL the photos!! Especially the family ones at the beach!! I can not wait to get that cd in my grubby little hands!! LOL!! Now go eat some turkey and hug your little man!

  2. wow! These wedding photos are jus awesome.the couple looks graceful in the pics.I like Frasier. i also watch all the episodes of Frasier.I love him.

  3. Beautiful photos as usual, guys! You rock!

  4. OH WOW!! This is such a fab idea to do this years after the wedding! Gorgeous photos!!!

  5. what a great session. the flowers are stunning and jodi and frasier are gorgeous!

  6. Fantastique! Now, if I could only get you to move closer to me - British Columbia, Canada closer - I'd hire you in a sec to retake our ridiculously bad wedding photos...and to take some shots for my website! Love your photos!

  7. great shoot~ you guys are so good.

  8. What a beautiful couple. I do love those flowers. SO perfect!