11 November 2009

Orange County Engagement Photographer - Lacey and Robby

12 days ago, our life was hijacked in the most exciting way possible; our baby boy, lincoln roe davis, decided he wanted to join the party a couple weeks early. and for myself, being a strong type-A personality, liking order and strategy, our early surprise threw me for a loop. my to-do list dropped like a brick, my email inbox ballooned, and i checked out. instead of cruising on the work train, i swapped the projects of the past 12 days for some much needed cuddling.

now, i don't mean to stop the cuddling all together [seriously, laying with your newborn can be one of the greatest treasures in life], but i figured now was better time than ever, to jump back in the saddle and get to work. so, here it goes...

last month, i met lacey & robby at the rose canyon cantina in trabucco canyon for their engagement shoot. the sun lingered down near the crest of the canyon's bordering hills and the three of us took a walk up the winding mountain road passed the cantina.


we noticed the silence and calm, not often escaped by myself or my los angeles counterparts. we noticed the calm, enjoyed the woodsy air, and let the carefree aroma of the canyon guide the next two hours.

she pulled her bangs back across her forehead, and he glanced over his shoulder at his bride to be... the woman he would marry next summer. needless to say, lacey & robby made my job easy. when a couple is in love as much as these two, and are comfortable in their own skin, my belief is that those qualities shine through their photographs, and can not be replicated or manipulated by any type of photoshop. lacey & robby are the real deal.

after the shoot, carlie met us at the cantina for margaritas, which then turned into a meal, which then turned into an epic conversation about love, life, and the future. lacey & robby, thank you for the invitation; the invitation to your story. i can't wait for the big day next july at the st regis in dana point.

in the mean time i must returned to some much needed cuddling.





a little yin & yang.

purrrrrrfect light.



seriously, lacey was rockin' it the entire shoot, but towards the end, robby couldn't be outdone and struck this GQ pose like he'd been doing it for years.


custom gallery featuring ALL their photographs: Lacey-and-Robby-Engagement-Photo-Gallery

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  1. Cool and very good-looking couple! Rad pics!!!

  2. Absolutely love these Gabriel... Well done my brother!

  3. talk about firerce! great set and i have to agree cuddle time with your child is the best things ever!

  4. Dig the black and white shots at the end!

  5. Wow, such a gorgeous couple!!! :) i love all of them, but the 1st couple ones are my fav!!!

  6. I love this shoot the hike must have been amazing! The colors and the couple are gorgeous! Great work!

  7. Hi there! I really enjoy your photography- nice shots! :)

  8. Holy Mama! These pictures are so sweet!