23 September 2009

A Weekend with The Ingalls

we sat on the porch. and without the tools of social media, without twitter, without facebook, without iChat, we had a conversation... old school. just sitting on the porch, we had a conversation.

this past weekend was rather refreshing. and i didn't know how much i needed it, until i was there. but, on friday, i had the fortune of taking a small road trip, up the central coast of california, to hang with the incredibly talented & caring cameron & anna ingalls. upon my arrival, i was greeted with hugs and a warm meal, and the weekend followed up with a handful of adventures & good conversation, in one of my favorite parts of the world: san luis obispo, california.

check this... he can crack an egg into the pan with just one hand [for proof, check out this little twitter video @ http://www.twitvid.com/37033 ]. that's the kind of man cameron ingalls is. and, he is an artful storyteller. from his words, to his images, cameron moves with a spirit of intention. and it is pretty incredible to watch, from the way he takes photographs to the way he orders pad thai... seriously. he is THAT intentional.

so, cameron & anna, i can't thank you enough for your blessing & hospitality, and i pray that sooner-than-later, carlie & i are able to return the blessing for the two [three] of you.

cameron ingalls a la recepcion, sans flash.


  1. very cool.....that is exactly how I felt when I came up here and then decided to move -the part about not knowing how bad you needed it :)
    Next time you'll have to bring Carlie and stop by!

  2. ahhh.... Gabriel - you are a sweetheart! thanks for the kindness, help and the company. I was as much encouraged and refreshed by you as you were by me!

  3. p.s. you need to link my egg cracking video with a twitter title like that! ;)

  4. egg cracking video linked ;) i don't know what i was thinking.

  5. I've heard tales of his legend :) And on in SLO, such a wonderful area, the location, the people, all beautiful :)

  6. So glad you were able to come up and be the second shooter at our wedding! It was so fun! Great to meet you! You are rad! (Wow, I use a lot of exclamation points...guess I am really excited!)