20 September 2009

Photo Induction - Molly plus Matthew equals Charlotte


carlie patiently [slash impatiently] sat on one of the chiavari chairs, as i meticulously stepped through my post wedding checklist; camera bodies - check, lens caps on - check, un-used batteries - check, used batteries - check, memory cards...

we had just completed another "day at the office," having captured jon and quyen's vintage wedding at the muckenthaler mansion in fullerton. and, with the bride and groom sent off through an alley of sparklers, and a few remaining guests lingering to share a few last words, we were off.

on the way to our car, i reached into my pocket and pulled out my trusty iPhone, to find a direct message from one of my twitter friends: molly of mathieu photography. we had totally been cyber friends via the twitter world, and had run in many of the same circles, without ever having met.

that was about to end.

as we each packed up our gear from our respective weddings that day, we each jumped on the freeway in the dark of the night, after a long day of shooting, and met at the mecca of the late-night post-wedding dining establishment... In N Out.

over a double-double, fries and a shake, we talked about life, business, and babies. it seemed as if we had been pals since our elementary years.

and as many of you know, molly and matthew just gave birth to their first child: Charlotte June Snelson. i'll be honest, Charlotte is exactly one week old now, and i think i'm in love all over again. make sure to check out the full story on the mathieu photo blog here. but the day before... yes, literally THE DAY BEFORE molly went into labor, not even knowing the gender of their unborn child, carlie & i had the pleasure of shooting her and matthew.

here is your invitation to view the last photographs taken, before molly and matthew fell in love all over again, with the arrival of their little june bug.


p.s. by the way... i totally called it. [girl]


hi-fives and low-tens were in hot exchange...
...as were other gestures of over-excitement.
carlie captured this one, and i can't help but LOVE IT.




remember that sci-fi show sliders, from the late 90's??? parallel dimensions collide.
one of carlie's favorites.

about 24 hours after this photograph was captured, molly snelson went into labor. i didn't realize my photo skills stretched so far.

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  1. LOVE!!! Photo #8 is my fav! These are just so sweet/fun/romantic. You can def see how in love they are with eachother.

  2. we LOVE you guys!!!! thank you so much, we are blessed beyond words! I can't believe she was in my tummy a week ago! :)

  3. Dan S. the dad20 September, 2009

    You caught my kids! those are some of the best shots of them I have ever seen, thanks...

    Matt's Dad

  4. wow! Matt and Molly are such hotties! LOVE these so much, you guys did an awesome job! p.s. Welcome to the world Charlie! p.p.s. I totally called that she would be a girl too ;)

  5. beautiful as usual.. so crispy and yummy! love them =)

  6. sweet sassy molassy! love it & love the sliders reference :) Love the faves & of course, the other gesture shot too, always a classic :)

  7. I can NOT wait for you guys to shoot our pregnancy photos...I'll keep you posted whenever that happens!!! :)