13 November 2008


with thanksgiving just around the corner it is that time of year where family comes first. it is that time when your local grind shop starts offering pumpkin latte's, and that favorite coat that has been sitting in the back of your closet all summer finally gets to come back out and play. it's a time that is special, whether your family is just you & your new wife, or a house full of toddlers & teens, or maybe even just you & your pet parakeet. whatever your family looks like, this is the time where most people start planning their christmas card.

that said, my family [carlie & i] would love the opportunity to bless your family and play our part. we will be shooting a small handful of fun family shoots over the last week of november and the first week of december. so, if you are still trying to figure out what to do for that family photo, drop us a line. here's the scoop:

.::. all shoots must be scheduled somewhere in orange county, between the dates of november 24th & december 7th [excluding thanksgiving & black friday]
.::. your shoot will probably take about 45 minutes
.::. plan on having fun!
.::. within a week of your shoot, all of the images will be available to be viewed online, and you will choose one image, for your christmas card, that we will re-touch in our studio and then deliver to you via email [the hi-resolution file]
.::. the remainder of the images will remain online if you wish to order prints OR you may purchase all of the digital files [to be delivered on disc] for an additional $100
.::. plan on having fun! [the important part]

cost: $300

again, due to the timely nature of the christmas[card] season, please inquire as soon as possible by shooting an email to info@gabrielryan.net



  1. That is the perfect Christmas Card! I love it! Adorable Family ; ) Thinking Jeff and I are going to be "that" family that sends out a picture of their pup!

  2. I am pretty upset that this comes at a time when money is tight. I just so happen to be flying home to California for a visit during those dates and will be in the OC to boot...dang it economy! Someday I will be photographed by you two...someday...and maybe learn a thing or two about my own photography business =)