11 November 2008


every once in a while, maybe not always, but in those special moments far and few between, things happen just as they ought to. the kind of series-of-events typically saved for a screenplay... that's what i'm talking about. it is just as such with shannon & jeff.

i have known both jeff and shannon for some time now, and i have spent some of the best times of my youth with jeff hull the second. we learned to surf together (he can now officially surf at least 10 times better than myself), we spent a winter in the rockies snowboarding every day, and i've watched him take his business from a small corner of his dad's garage to a well respected and thriving surfboard manufacturer. i had the pleasure of joining a small group of guys recently for a surf trip to panama, and had the honor of being one of jeff's groomsmen this past weekend. to sum it up mathematically jeff hull the second + anything = awesome.

as for shannon, i've been there as she grew up; one of my sister's best friends. in fact, i know that shannon's life was a testimony to courtney and her influence as a friend probably shaped courtney during her short but passionate 19 years on this earth. i was there, 8 years ago, when at another friend's bachelor party, jeff called 'dibbs' on shannon, braces and all. jeff said something to the effect of that shannon donahue is going to be hot when she grows up... i got dibbs.

8 years later, and things panned out just as their story was written. shannon & jeff, thank you for bringing carlie & i into the process. we are so excited for you, and can't wait for the fun times to be had here on out. we love you.

and i have to give an extra special thanks to my incredible bride, none other than mrs. carlie renee, for rocking out as the main photog on this wedding. being that i was a part of the bridal party, i handed this one over to carlie, and looking through the images (though i did take a few myself) i am afraid carlie might put me out of a job. also, thanks to aaron of ahs photography, for second shooting with carlie on this one.

here's how the day unfolded...

despite 30+ mile per hour winds, we decided to hit up the point in ventura for an early morning surf session.

all the girls rocked a bit of their own style.


one of the many stunner shots captured by carlie.renee.

chillin' in the bridal lounge before the ceremony.
papa-ete giving his daughter away.
the shot on the right is one of my favorites from the whole day.
who is that sexy groomsmen at the end?

carlie was asking us all to give a stoic look into the camera when evie decided to plop down at our feet.








shannon + jeff + big tree =

off to tokyo.
have fun in japan my friends! you guys rock!!! for serious!


  1. Carlie...you did such a great job!!! Gabe's lucky to have such a talented wife. These are beautiful. And, I love the ones you shot also brother.
    What a gorgeous couple they are. I see good lookin' children in their future:)

  2. So stylin! These are gorgeous! Great job Carlie!

  3. WWWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW - Seriously these pictures left me teary :) they are absolutely gorgeous photos Carlie!!!!!! I love love love the tree shot -A-MAZ-ING!

  4. Awesome job! They are all gorgeous and #8 is just priceless!

  5. carlie. wow. you are incredible. stunning.

  6. Awesome job Carlie! I almost bought those Steve Maddens for my wedding :)

    LOVE the tree shot!

  7. mmmm hmmm.. i can see the headlines now, photo biz changes name to CARLIE.ryan.photographer -- notice the well placed caps? hee hee. you nailed it carlie! oh the detail shots w the dress and the SHOES!!!! love it x3!

  8. These are so beautiful! I love them all! Just gorgeous. :)

  9. These are AMAZING!!! Carlie , you totally rocked it!

  10. Go Carlie Renee aka Selena! Ha ha. Sorry, I had to throw that in there. You both are incredible photographers and I'm always excited to see all the creative things you come up with. WOW power.

  11. I browse your blog religiously, but never comment...your photos amaze me every time. After this post, I read through your mother's blog, all of it, and reading it, even the moments of grief, it gave me a sense of happiness. I lost my aunt this year to cancer, a cancer we thought was gone, but took her life in April. We notice odd occurrences all the time that we attribute to her, including finding pennies in the most random yet obvious of places, her name was Penny. I can never overlook pennies now. And I will most certainly think a thought of your baby sister next time I pick one up. Keep up the good work.

  12. thanks for commenting today katie jo... in fact, right after i sent out an email to some of my friends that help see me through the tough times two years ago, when i lost my sister, i found a penny in my pocket. they keep coming... "pennies from heaven" we like to call them.

  13. These are AMAZING photos of my cousin Shannon's wedding! Thanks for doing her beauty and Jeff's cuteness justice with your photography - so great! I loved them so much I had to show a friend who is a uh, creative type and his comment was "stunning and artsy without being annoying and pretentious" which I thought was right on the money :) Shannon is going to love them so much!

  14. I remember Jeff from YOUR wedding...life is sweet, ain't it?! Beautiful images! Love it! :)

  15. Carlie! Those are amazing!!

  16. these are worth a million bucks! Gorgeous. Carlie - your shots rocked!

  17. Thanks for making Shanon and Jeff's awesome photos available to me- who missed the wedding due to a cold and left for Spain the next day! So I enjoyed my late evening on the web seeing the family I miss.
    Aunt Martha
    Maybe you can do our 40th!!!!???

  18. Beautiful beautiful! especially love the one of the little girl on the coffee table. so cute!

  19. So beautiful! The colors and couple are gorgeous! Love the vintage feel!

  20. I really like the last shot. Nice work!