01 October 2008


it seriously feels that way. scraps of paper & ribbon on the floor, a pair of scissors on the ottoman, carlie at the table piecing together the bits of a collage as inspiration for our new project... a lot of hard work, absolutely. but it still feels like the night before christmas.

tomorrow, in the early part of the day, i have a conference call scheduled with our design team to kick start the process that will no doubt spawn more sweat, more creative thinking, more questions. but, i've done my homework. or at least i like to think i have.

so many photographers talk about branding & re-branding, as if success will come at the end of the road. it seems as though we are all in the process. and, at first i thought... when will anybody be done? how can i create the perfect representation [aka brand] of myself, the most authentic, most genuine, to my clients, my friends, my peers?

so, on the eve of such an important call, one that will shape the look and feel of gabriel.ryan.photographers. from tomorrow forward, i have realized it won't be perfect. and that's okay. on the other hand, it will be us; made up of carlie & me. and that is what i am trying to convey.

a few shots carlie & i grabbed during our avatar photo shoot earlier this week.


  1. Carlie!! I wore that dress on my recent bio pic shoot with my lovely friend Heather. Do you watch Mad Men on AMC by any chance? ... Thought it reminded me of that show and I'm loving the 60ies style! Props!

  2. Excited to see what's to come...love the avatars!

  3. Good luck you two! I'm still trying to figure out my first set of branding...or whatever you'd call it! I'm excited to see what you two creative ones have come up with. It will no doubt be amazing.

  4. can I just say, carlie, I love what a big dork you are?? :) miss you guys! skype soon!

  5. I love following your blog...you guys are such an inspiration for those of us battling the cubicle still :) You have come so far in what seems like a short amount of time and you totally deserve the success! Your avatar photos are great!! And I love that you started incorporating video on your blog! Was that off camera set-up a kit or did you purchase each item separately? I'm looking to buy something very similar that is easy to take on location and I'd love any tips or advice.

  6. you two are just plain and simple rock n roll baby's!! xoxo