03 October 2008


boarding passes in the printer, tomorrow's clothes hung up on the bedroom door, batteries charged, bags packed... it's time to leave the oc behind for the weekend.

carlie & i couldn't be more excited to fly out [though our flight is scheduled at an early morning hour, one which neither one of us self-employed peoples are used to functioning] to ashland, oregon. after shooting andrea & brett's wedding earlier this year, we also have the privilege of shooting kacey & alan's wedding [kacey being brett's sister]. and like i said, we are so stoked to have the chance to hang out with the zundel family once again [alan, we are looking forward to hanging with your fam too ;) ].

so, if we are a day or two tardy on the email, i ask for your forgiveness in advance. carlie & i plan on turning down the volume just a tad, breathing a bit fresh air, and taking some much needed r&r in the great northwest.

have a rad weekend!


  1. have fun on your holiday you two! :)

    btw, I just wanted to tell you that I have been following your blog since it first started... and I have to say that I am so impressed by how far you two have come, and how much you have improved since. I wouldn't hesitate to hire you guys if I was in the OC! :)

  2. HEY!!! That's my hometown! I'm new to commenting on your site, but not new to perusing the wonderfulness of your guys TERRIFIC work! Loooove your stuff and style - so very much. I'm placing my name on the list for digital nuptial capturing - come the day for me and my love yet to be found. ;)

    All the best and enjoy Ashland - you won't help but be able to love it. Take some shots for me would ya!?! =)

  3. Dude your plane is flying upside down! Don't you know how valuable that is????


  4. Hey again... =)

    So my BFF is getting married in 3 months and we are scouting the best location... might you have a lead on the place this couple used?

    Thanks muchly!