15 October 2008


this past weekend, carlie & i hopped on another plane headed north; this time to napa valley for kacie & greg's big day. after landing in oakland, we grabbed our bags, threw them in the back of our weekend-rental [none other than a brand new ford focus... that's right... that's how we roll], and made the early morning trek thru napa to st helena.

it was still early as we cruised up the highway, weaving through vineyards, struck by the raw charm of the valley. each winery, each building, each turn, was unique in and of itself. the views were plentiful, and we were stoked for the weekend that lay before us. and amidst the local fires, road closures, and friday winds, saturday did not disappoint. the morning sky miraculously held a crisp blue, the roads opened, and the winds were traded in for a subtle breeze.

when it was time for the ceremony, all eyes turned, while kacie & greg did nothing other than take in one another. their love for each other is so apparent; down to the way they would exchange glances between moments. and at the end of it all, i think kacie & greg just wanted the people around them to know how beloved they are. their wedding really was a celebration of love; the love that kacie & greg share, and the love of their friends & family that gave kacie & greg the model to now love one another. so, if i had a prayer for you two, kacie & greg, it would be this...

and though it might be easy to discount this as trite or cliche, i really do pray that love would continue to abound in your lives, that it would be contagious. it seems that love has already grown in your lives, and i hope that your story of love continues just the same.

and now, for the photos...

a friend of kacie's rocked out on the flowers for her wedding... nothing short of outstanding!!!

carlie caught this moment with kacie applying the finishing touches.

stepping back to take in a bit more...

it was great hanging out with greg & his guys before the ceremony, because they weren't afraid to just relax and be themselves. i would much rather shoot a lively crowd than a silent room any day of the week.

the posse.

both parties rocked out a little prayer just before the ceremony.

a glance, in between moments.

kacie + greg + packard limo + awesome setting = i heart

also, about that last shot, i have to give a little shout out to our friend jasmine star for the inspiration. carlie & i were actually blessed to have jasmine * shoot our engagment, wedding, and day after. one of my favorite shots was with carlie & i chillaxing infront of the profile of my friend vern's chrysler lebaron. the packard shot above is our take :)

one of my favorites.

and yes, we will take photos of ourselves at your wedding. [but yours will look better]

a final farewell to mr & mrs hengler. it was pitch black out there, and i was stoked to walk away with this little gem.



  1. what are you talking about? that photo of you is obvs. much more amazing than all the stunning ones of the bride+groom. hah!

  2. Two wedding posts in one day? Sheesh- you guys are on a roll! I think self portraits are the best and add a little character. I'm always curious to see how photographers look while shooting weddings.

  3. the portrait of the bride solo with her flowers at her side is spectacular

  4. What a gorgeous couple! You two are simple amazing!!

  5. The last two weddings you guys have posted really are on another level- love the poses, the light, everything. Nice job!

  6. radical. i love the whole yellowy/greeny feel. great job you two!

  7. Gorgeous pictures yet again. You guys are just amazing! I have learned to expect nothing less than excellence from the two of you, and I am proud to say I have never been disappointed. You are a true inspiration to me, and for this I thank you!

  8. wow! thank you guys so much for such amazing blog love!! seriously you guys rock!


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  10. Fabulous!! I love these! Especially the car photo...but, of course, I'm a little biased! ;)

  11. The pre-ceremony shots are always my favorite. The bride with her "girls" and the groom with his "guys" always make for great memories to be captured.
    Another incredible shoot you two!

  12. Wow...Gees. Holy Cow...This is amazing. Geeesh.


  13. wow... can i just say, you two are really getting better and better with every wedding, and I have been following you for over a year! My faves: bride and groom alone in gazebo, bride hugging groom's arm with her chin on his shoulder, and the one of just the bride in the open field. Those are timeless. :)

  14. sweeet stuff! that vintage car rocks!

  15. i loved how you hung the dress on the tree!!!