15 October 2008


the past couple of weeks have included quite a bit of travel for both carlie & i [which we love]. we will jump at the chance to hop on a plane, and try out a new spot, especially if we are photographing a destination wedding for people as cool as kacey & alan.

to say it was a treat would be an understatement. to say it was anything short of incredible would be an offense. the weekend was off-the-charts. having had the pleasure of getting to know the zundel clan while shooting kacey's brother's [brett] engagement & wedding earlier this year, we couldn't have been more thrilled when kacey asked us to shoot her wedding in oregon.

upon our arrival, kacey's mom [also a frequent commenter on our blog... thanks laura for all the kind words & for just taking the time to stop by & say 'hey'] greeted us with a basket of goodies full of local treats. nothing makes me happier than free food. and when it is good food... even better.

and, as if our stay couldn't have been any better, jeanie payne [owner of the orchard home b&b] made sure the event went off without a hitch. and on top of operating a floral business, coordinating events on her property, as well as off-site venues, jeanie and her husband russ manage to make time in the morning to cook up the best breakfast in the northwest; home-cooked with ingredients fresh from their garden & 20-hen hen-house. if you are looking for a good breakfast or planning a wedding in the northwest, you need to hire jeanie [jpeventplanning@hotmail.com].

as for the wedding, the weather left us all guessing: wind, rain, cold, patches of sun... what would it be? after much prayer, and a little change of climate, saturday turned out just right. and despite a bit of cold, coming from the outside in, kacey & alan's wedding day radiated with the warmth of their love. i couldn't imagine a more caring family, a more intimate ceremony, a more perfect start to a long & happy life.

kacey & alan, we are honored. and we hope that the photos we captured, honor your story. enjoy.

the orchard home b&b property was home to a serious pear tree population. the rings.

kacey & alan opted for a first look, which gave us soooooo much time to shoot. not only that, but they figured that being the most important day thusfar in their relationship, they kind of wanted to spend most of it together. i thought alan's reaction was priceless.

we couldn't have asked for a better scene. i know alan won't ever forget the first time he saw his bride on their wedding day.

later, at the reception, we played a little slide show with a few shots we composed in this barren field on the property. jeanie told me she hosts about 30 weddings a year, and to date has never had a photographer take the bride & groom out into this field for photos. gabriel.ryan., venturing into the unknown.

more pears.

we even got to play a bit with the bridal party before the ceremony.

time to get our wedding on...

i loved this moment. kacey & alan just sealed the deal, and followed up with their first act as man & wife; communion.

the next two are special order for our friends the bui brothers.

photos before. photos after. i love first looks.

announced for the first time.
one of my favorite bouquet sequences ever!

dusk in oregon.
we salute you mr & mrs peterson.

and we heart you, too. [thanks to carlie.renee. for being my human tripod for this one]


  1. It's so exciting that you guys can have the chance to shoot weddings outside of CA, I think the umbrella bridal party shot is my fave, can't believe another photographer hasn't taken advantage of that beautiful field!!

  2. beautiful light on the getting ready. the field shots are gorgeous, i love the colors. i agree with camillee, the umbrella shot is a fave. so cute. first looks/love has beautiful composition. I agree on the bouquet catch. well done. most people get one great shot, you have three. thanks for sharing. so sweet to hear that you two get to travel together and work together. awesome.

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  4. Hi Carlie and Gabriel! It's Brittani from your old Lifegroup! (For some reason I'm still logged in for an India Blog that I made for a trip to India trip I'm taking, weird FYI but it explains the funny username). Anyway, just wanted to say the work you guys do is amazing! I had an old roommate get married and I saw her pictures and felt so spoiled by the work you two have done I wasn't as impressed (sadly) Anyway, hope you guys are doing well! And Carly, the photoshoot you did with your best friend was amazing! (right out of an artsy, high end magazine!)

  5. oooooooh!!!!! fantastic job, as per ALWAYS! you are such a lovely pair with a serious gift. you captured the zundel/peterson wedding beautifully. the colors are candy for my eyes, and the compositions are equally as pleasing. well done, gabriel & carlie! what fun it was visiting again. i will look forward to a future opportunity. thanks for being so r-a-d!

  6. Wow you guys. These were perfection. The bride looked amazing!
    You guys are so creative, and it always turns out amazing.

  7. I said amazing twice...I need a new adjective for you two.

  8. you two are brilliant. i am always so excited to see a new post.

    i have already told your mom, but i should tell you - one day you and carlie will shoot my wedding...

    first things first though. boyfriend! haha

    thanks for the beautiful stories.

  9. chop. chop. chop.

    Thank you for the TIC dedication. I feel the love even from cold cold Canada.

  10. I love the shot of the bridal party with the umbrellas! So hot!

  11. These are wonderful. You two are not only creative and talented photographers but also a delightful couple. We loved the time with you during the wedding weekend and cherish the photos. With deep gratitude.

  12. i just love this set guys... you outdid yourselves on this one! love it! :)

  13. Awesome stuff guys! I love that the couple wore some Rainbows on their feet, those sandals ROCK! :) Couldn't help but notice the tag. Fantabulous job! Love the umbrella shot.