23 September 2008


a light breeze rolled down the foothills and danced off the coast at the santa barbara biltmore. the sky was rich blue. you couldn't have asked for a better day.

kristi & matt rocked it! big thanks goes out to bonnie of... well... music by bonnie and also to robyn of impressive weddings, because of whom the day went off without a hitch.

i pray that the images we captured are a big enough thank you to repay the invitation into your story. enjoy.

one of my favorite parts of the day. matt awaiting his bride.

the newly married couple.

i love it when our clients understand our style. while we were setting up this shot, kristi goes "you're not getting are faces, right?" i think she may have sifted through our blog before...

the wall. their spot. their special day.

it was rad having the chance to steal kristi & matt away for a few moments during dinner to grab a few beach shots with the last minutes of light on their wedding day.
carlie was prepped and ready for kristi as she made the leap... literally.

good night sun.

congratulations mr. & mrs. cute.

we will eat your wedding cake ;)


  1. I love that second last one in the sunset, what a gorgeous shot!

  2. you two are just too cute!! their portraits are absolutely gorgeous! awesome work!

  3. Love these. I especially like the one on the steps, and the one with the sunset. How do you guys get it right every time??!!
    You're both just absostinkinlutely fantabulous. Sound that out. Word.

  4. awesome job! you guys captured the day beautifully!