18 August 2008


another fantastic engagement shoot! i absolutely love my job.

step one, find an awesome couple, people that you could picture yourself hanging out with on a friday night. step two, find a fun location, usually one with some character, an old street, a barren field, a grungy alley way. anything unique will do. good light is a bonus. step three, take awesome couple to fun location. step four, have fun with awesome couple at fun location. step five, eat dinner.

like i said, i love my job.

kathy & gregg, thanks for the invitation you have given carlie and i, to be a part of your wedding next march. we totally enjoyed our time at san juan capistrano shooting your engagement photos!

gregg actually happens to be a photographer himself, and though i know some photographers get nervous shooting other artists, i actually reveled [and was honored] in the challenge. we spent our time meandering about san juan capistrano, and in between shots i learned a bit about gregg's recent travels to israel, while kathy & carlie went over the details for the wedding.

here's a few snap shots of our time together... and by the way, kathy had probably the raddest shoes ever. so carlie couldn't pass up orchestrating our oh-so-favorite 'shoe shot.'


thru the looking glass.

one of carlie's favorites.

i love genuine laughter.

and now, for the slide show...


  1. amazing light! sweet train shoot too!

  2. Love. As always. You guys just rock.

  3. train shot + awesome light + great shoes = you guys rock! :)

  4. i lovelovelove the train shot! perfect! just gorgeous imagery you guys, as always! :D

  5. I love these! You really captured Kathy and Gregg's fun personalities:) I am looking forward to working with you both on their wedding.

  6. I adore that shot with the moving train in the background!! Now you gotta teach me how to capture something that rad. Love it.

  7. I agree with the others that the train shot is suhweet!!