16 August 2008


so rad.

the other week, carlie & i were blessed to meet up with jamie & junior to take some photos. carlie was actually the one to meet & book jamie & junior a couple months ago, while i was away with the mammoth men , so it was extra special, after talking on the phone, shooting back an occasional email, to finally get the chance to meet the awesomeness that is jamie & junior.

after the shoot, we shared some quality time together over some mexican food & a couple of drinks. it was one of those meals where we probably could have sat and kept talking thru the night. again... so rad.

so, without further adieu, here they are, jamie & junior.

jamie rockin' it.

i love it when couples are relaxed and ready for anything. even though she donned a white dress for the engagement shoot, jamie was still down to sit on the ground. i love it.
junior is a big fan of the acronym, which we learned more about at dinner. i guess he commonly refers to his b2b [bride to be] as g.o.m.d. [girl of my dreams]. i.l.i.w.c.g.c. [i love it when couples get creative]

we didn't plan on shooting in the library, but we needed a place for an outfit change, so i turned my camera on super-silent-library-stealth mode and grabbed this one.

i'd say she checked the right box.

again, jamie & junior getting creative. they had seen some photos using umbrellas on different sites, and wanted to use the idea & make it their own.

one of my favorites.

some slideshow love.


  1. How adorable! I love these images and I love their wonderful ideas. Can you find me a couple like that?!


  3. Totally adorable! They look like a ton of fun!