06 July 2008


masha & ruslan rock!

masha was actually friends with my sister courtney during their years at buena high school, both members of the bull dog cheer squad. so when i got the call from masha that she was engaged and wanting me to shoot her wedding, i felt honored. not only that, but masha & ruslan were actually one of the first clients to hire me in my newfound career as a pro photog. i can't believe that was only last fall. since shooting their engagement, carlie & i have continually been blessed in our business and have had the opportunity to shoot quite a bit.

fast-forward from fall of 2007 to the 4th of july, 2008, and you will find carlie & i pulling up to spanish hills country club in camarillo. having arrived a bit early due to the divine lack of traffic on the 405, we poked around a bit before we were met by hallie, the most incredible venue coordinator on the planet.

it wasn't too long before the girls arrived in a stretch model a ford, about a half hour before the boys. and though i only understood about half of what was said throughout the course of the day [most of the attendees were russian & very fond of their native tongue], warmth permeated every conversation. masha, ruslan, and their families have a story that transcends words; one that follows the beat of two souls.

thank you so much for honoring us with the opportunity to tell your story with our cameras. the appreciation you have for what we do is what keeps us so excited about the job we have.

and i have to give a special thanks to masha's mother. while the slideshow was playing at the reception, she walked past carlie & i, caught my gaze, and gestured her hand towards the center of her chest as she said, 'those pictures came from the bottom of your heart.' thank you so much. thank you.

i hope the moments we captured serve as a memento for the days and years to come.

one of carlie's favorite details...

love the pearls.

so masha totally hooked up this rad 8 passenger limo, from stardust cruises, made out of an original ford model-a.  cherried out.

rockin' the floating vail trick.
by the tough-looks exuding from these 5 girls, you would have never known they would be goofy enough to rock out an entire dance mix, just previous, in the powder room [complete with vanilla ice, sir mix a lot, michael jackson, and the list goes on...]

masha looking ever-so-stunning on her wedding day.

can you find some air guitar...


i wish i could take credit for this shot, but something tells me some of you might call me out.

probably my favorite moment captured from the whole day.


  1. Hello there, Gabriel .. these are stunning!!!!
    I just love checking your blog .. awsome .. just keeps getting better and better!!
    Keep it up!!

  2. wow, these are stunning. I love them a lot guys. That red limo...gees does it get cooler?


  3. I've been waiting to see this one! It's awesome. It has such a unique mood and feel to it. Amazing, as always =).

  4. Love these!! Especially that very last shot...:)

  5. You guys kill me with your awesomeness. Ugh. LOVING that car. ;)

  6. Awesome job, Davis'!! :)

  7. You guys are so tearin it up!


  8. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    Gorgeous images! How nice you were able to shoot Masha's wedding!

  9. The pictures are great Gabriel, but I just read your sisters website and I had no idea. I'm so sorry. She sounds like she was a rad girl (how could she not be if she liked pink that much?). It's tragic that someone so young with so much life to live could be taken so early. I'm really sorry.

  10. I love this wedding!! looks like so much fun. You guys are so awesome!!

  11. Gorgeous photos!

    I love Spanish Hills, I actually live just down the street from there. Beautiful.

  12. Anonymous09 July, 2008

    this post is absolutely wonderful! i am so impressed with how quickly your business took off (i found your blog through the mammothmen site)! congratulations on being awesome. :) i love the images, and the photos of you and your wife on the blog. so great!

  13. oh sweet numero tres!!! rockin and rollin davis'!!

  14. dude this is one of my fav post. bitchin -Aaron

  15. so i've been in love with you guys since jasmine shot your day after session.. you look like such a fun and funky couple that (with some credit to j*) the pics were a creative masterpiece! i'm glad to see you both out there putting your spin on photography. looks like your shooting up as fast as the star herself.. great job!

  16. Hi Gabriel and Carlie!!

    Long time follower, first time posting I think! Just wanted to say you guys are seriously getting better and better with every shoot. I just love this set. Well done!!

    That last shot is just gorgeous. If I were the couple, I'd blow that one up huge on a canvas and frame it.


  17. I'm quite certain that the one of her by the red limo is my favorite shot of yours ever. . . .until I look down the rest of this post.

    Davis' roll on. . . .