09 July 2008


not a bad day. not a bad day at all.

after sleeping in, i got the call from aaron and it was on. surf + cheese steak + golf. a little mancation right in my own neighborhood. i won't bore you with the details. instead, i will leave you with a few moments from our day of awesome.

the man clan: dillon, aaron, darren, donnie, and me [clicking the shutter]

take notes young grass hopper.

dillon waits for the rest of the boys to catch up.

donnie knockin' another one out of the park.

the squirrel whisperer...

... finds his friend.

pretty much exactly how aaron felt about his game.


  1. Ha! So cool! Looks like it was a fun day!

    Thanks for stopping by Gabriel! I know what you mean - I've been cutting some of my blog reads because it's been taking up a lot of time. Good to hear from you! Not sure if you've heard, but we're pregnant! Almost 15 weeks! Tell Carlie "Hello" for us!

  2. heck yes!!!!!! not gonna lie my swing looks pretty good now if only I got it to work.. :( - Aaron

  3. The best part has to be the squirrel. I love squirrels! Ha ha.

  4. Looks like you all had lots of fun! Great shots! And the squirrel was just chilling in your world... trying to find a nut.

  5. First, thanks Aaron for showing me this photog, cause Gabriel and Carlie your work blows my mind!! It's beautiful and classic and just damn good!! Seriously some really fine work!! I hope that I have the honor of meeting you guys one day, until then, keep us inspired!!


  6. I hate golf but these photos were fun and interesting, glad you're enjoying life out of the cubicle - hooray!