22 June 2008


the things dreams are made of.

life on the road. diners late at night. when showers become second priority to awesomeness. and material possessions are limited to what will fit in your backpack or can be purchased at the next gas station. good music. wifi connections at 70 mph. more apple product than your local coffee shop.

about 2 hours ago, i had plans to spend the rest of my sunday with my bride and our awesome friend ashley parsons, maybe spend a little time working on photos, and then on to the rest of a normal week. and then i got the chance to go on tour.

that's right... what every guy dreams of. this week, gabriel ryan is on tour.

so, i hopped on a tour bus with 10 other guys, and am currently blogging from the road [somewhere between thousand oaks & ventura]. to stay in touch with the shenanigans to be had, check out the mammoth men blog and make sure to keep following my tweets.

in the words of the since past lyrical genius who has spent his share of time on the road, wesley willis...

rock and roll mcdonalds


  1. Rockin' dude! Have so much fun. It was great to meet you and Carlie!

  2. thanks for ditching me to hang out with my husband. :)

  3. hi! i found you guys from jasmine's site and have been checking in on your work (and archived posts) from time to time. i was happy to see now that you have said adios to your cubicle! may God bless you two on this new path as you learn even more about trusting in Him as The Provider!

    awesome photography...you guys rock!

  4. hope you are having a blast! :)

  5. i love wesley willis. end of story.