07 June 2008


simple. classic. real.

upon our arrival to glendora united methodist, carlie and i bounced back & forth between the boys & the girls. simple. classic. real. these words spoke out of each passing moment on carol & greg's wedding day.

only a short couple of weeks after shooting their engagement, i found myself behind the lens again, getting to know what made up carol & greg, and their love for each other; the love that would now bind them forever. and what i found was beautiful.

carol & greg, you are both incredibly genuine people, and it was so great getting to know you, even if our time was brief. your family was so kind. your church was warm to welcome carlie & me. and we wish you a life filled with laughter, blessing, and strength.

here are a few moments from the telling of their story...

the much anticipated slide show... enjoy.


  1. oh mama, love that second shot!!! my friends , seriously, seriously kicked wedding butt!!!

  2. Heart it!!!! I L O V E the shots of the guys and the girls. The group looks very comfortable... due to the awesomeness of you guys!

  3. Anonymous08 June, 2008

    dude! these rock!!! you guys are seriously Radical! we need to hang soon! ( i will put 20 on black for you!)


  4. I am totally LOVING the style here. I'm so glad I started reading your blog as it gives so much inspiration!! :) Most times I love looking at emotion in faces but for some reason today my fav is the flower shot. I don't know why but I just love it! :)

  5. I'm a serious fan of the second shot too! Love this wedding session guys!!!!

  6. that 2nd shot is just gorgeous, and i love the guys' group shot! you guys rock!!!

  7. Awesome work :-) I'm Glad I visited your blog now I'm gonna have to come back often! I love the shot of the groomsmen with the pocketwatches. So much character adn flair :-)

  8. Wow! These are awesome!! Yea!!