08 February 2008


as i begin to realize and embrace each moment for nothing more [or less] than it is, and after reading an article on tim's blog, i have come to notice that i don't like down-time. let me decompress.

i want time [like most people] and i want money [like most people]. and i want a good balance of these two things, not all of one and none of the other. i am assuming you might be in the same boat. what i realized, more specifically in relation to the time-thing, when i create more time [by being more efficient, deciding to put something aside, recruiting the help of others...], i get uncomfortable and have a tendency to fill the time without meaning [aka... mindless computer time].

as i thought about this i came to believe that if i can't fill my time well, what incentive am i creating for myself to produce more time for... well... myself.


so, carlie and i are experimenting. beginning tonight at midnight we have set forth a "no-computer-on-the-weekend" act [pretty self-explanitory]. and i can't wait to see what comes of it. will i be able to have fun? figure out what to do other than twiddle my thumbs? will i be a good steward of the free-time God is giving me today?

i am sure a few emails will be answered a day or two late, a few blogs will go unread, but i am sure of one thing... on monday morning, when i fire up that 24 inches of mac-goodness, i am positive it will all be there waiting for me [unless of course al gore decides to repeal the gift of the world-wide-web that he has blessed us all with the invention of].

see you monday.


  1. This is such a great post. I can relate so much! I was actually jotting down some future goals the other day and one of them was turn of the computer every day at 5pm (after I "retire" ;). Since I'm still stuck at the daily grind I can't implement this just yet but what a FANTASTIC idea to give it up on the weekends. The thought terrifies me which is probably further proof I need to try. I can't wait to hear all about your experience! -Amy

  2. not gonna lie. i am a little 'terrified' of giving it up this weekend. maybe thats why i am so excited to see what will happen.

  3. Ah, I just missed you by 18 minutes. Good luck to you - you can do it! We will all still be here when you get back. :) Hope you two have a great weekend!

  4. happy - hope you guys are chillaxin to the utmost today and enjoying each other. It was great talking to you yesterday, and I will let you know how things turn out. Lots of love to you, friends!!

  5. I hope your weekend with no computer went good!!! I don't think I would be able to do it!