19 January 2008


so my bride and i are pretty excited to celebrate an entire 6 months as man-and-wife this monday. as an early surprise, i planned a trip north, to san luis obispo. i am so stoked to spend the next two days away from the hustle of the orange county lifestyle, and "slo" down a little bit (i am sorry, i know the pun is bad, but i just had too...).

anyways, the inspiring cameron ingalls was kind enough to provide a few recommendations, and at his word, we will be staying at a quaint bed 'n' breakfast, and no doubt, dining at the best the central coast has to offer. not having even left yet, i wish we had more time to spend. regardless, i am thankful for the next couple of days, where i simply have the honor and pleasure of hanging out with and loving on the most amazing woman this side (or the other side for that matter) of the mississippi.

in love. in the middle of our story.



  1. slo....yes the pun is bad. sounds like something jeremy would do, so that means it's pretty bad. :)
    have a great time, friends!

  2. I hope you guys had an amazing time. Happy Anniversary! How I love SLO! Every time I go north to visit the folks it is always so relaxing up there and I always feel so grounded when I return. Thank God all the world is not as busy busy as OC :) Then again, I don't know what I'd do without Disneyland and our warm beaches...

  3. Can it be? A half a year already? It seems like just yesterday Carlie and I were looking through piles of wedding magazines at Barnes and Noble. You guys are an inspiration to me. Thanks so much for your blog comment and encouragement.

  4. happy 6 months!! have a relaxing time guys!

  5. Happy 6 months, looks like a fun place to go! Hope you both had a wonderful time!

  6. Happy 6 months, looks like a fun place to go! Hope you both had a wonderful time!