01 January 2008


even if you have never run a race, the image of a single hand holding a gun steady, pointing straight to the sun, brings about a sense of anticipation. a sense that we have finally come to the start. it is funny, because i tend to think (rather, tend to have thought) that the start is something that is always behind us. because, for lack of better explanation... we have already begun.

however, i am now thinking, with cliche revolver-pointed-at-the-sky, that the start may be something we prepare for.


the shot.

now the start really is behind us, and all we can do is make a run for it.

with 2008 upon us, i am excited. i am excited to make a run for it. and like the marathon i ran a little over a year ago, i don't really care about taking first place... i just want to run the best race i can. i feel that 2007 was my training for developing the photographer in gabriel.ryan.photographer. i have found my coach, a support team, some running mates, and a few sponsors.

i am a first-year photographer. never again will i have the chance to say that, and where some might hide behind their lack of history in this industry, i welcome it. in 2007, i took my hobby, massaged it with a bit of passion, and turned it into the start of a career. i want to offer a special thank you to those "sponsors," my clients, who have already invited me into their story. your support keeps me running.

with the race on, i have set some resolutions that i would like to share:

*i will shoot 20 weddings this year
*i will limit the amount of junk food i eat, work out at least 3 times a week, and maintain my goal wait of 165 lbs (currently 150)
*i will actively pursue community by spending time with others at least once a week, outside of home and work
*i will run each decision, major & minor by my two core values: freedom & value
*i will take my amazing bride on vacation for two weeks straight at some point in the year
*i will continue to live below my means, eliminating the remainder of credit card and car debt for both myself and my wife, working towards a long term goal of a 100% cash lifestyle

are you still training? you in the race? a new year is here. and though i know i will surely stumble and grow weary at times, i will still run the best race i can. how about you?


  1. what an honor it was to meet you last year, and what a true blessing it will be to run the race with you in this new year - can't wait to joyfully watch more of your journey unfold!!

  2. Hi Gabriel, I'm a on and off blog stalker of yours and I related to a LOT of things you said in this post. I, like yourself, embrace the 'newness' of a career in photography. I'm not quite as far as you are yet, but I'm not afraid to tell the world that either. I have so much to learn and I'm ready! Thanks for an inspiring blog.

    P.S. I've seen photos of you and your wife on different blogs (wedding photos and modeling and such) and I will never get tired of seeing even more. You two are such a sweet looking couple in all the images and your wife is simply beautiful. :)

  3. awesome post gabriel. may you achieve all your goals and more! many blessings to your business and your family this upcoming year!

  4. hey kymberli, thanks so much for your blog support, and all the kind words. this photo-thing really is exciting, and i am glad that you can relate to my scribbling thoughts. btw, i checked your site and it totally rocks my socks off!

    and ahsley, the honor is all mine. i pray that the journey continues with the same excitement.

    to the baxters, your ohana is all over this industry, and i love it! your outpouring of support for so many fellow photogs is inspiring.

  5. great post! i've enjoyed reading and learning more about you. good luck with your goals over the next year and beyond. you are a talent man with a huge heart. keep it up!

  6. I'm just in the beginning of my first year journey, and it is SO helpful to see someone else (further along than I) embracing it and moving forward! Good luck with your apprenticeship with dane and best wishes for a productive year. And when you need a second shooter (which you will, soon I believe)... i'm always ready to volunteer :-)

  7. We are running right there with you! I pray God has great things for us all in 2008! I hope Matt and I will be going on a 2 week vacation of our own-I told him the first $ we get that don't go right back into the business I am taking him on vacation!