11 January 2008


"we should guess... and we should write it down and put it in the jar... but we can't peek at each other's answer... and there should be some incentive for whoever is closer... but..."
"but what?"
"but i can't think of anything good."

carlie and i have this little mason jar, and whenever we empty our pockets, or center consoles, or fanny packs (okay maybe not the fanny packs), we make the deposit into our mason jar. earlier today, i noticed that our jar is almost full, and i felt the warmth swell up under my step. i felt the way a 4th grader does when his teacher lets him color in the top of the thermometer signifying the accomplishment of a school fundraising goal reached.

you see, when the change hits the top, we dump it out and go on a date... and even more exciting, this will be our first time emptying the jar. and since it will be our first time, i thought it might be cool to wager at the total of its contents.

any ideas on a prize for the winner? we could use a little help.


  1. Hmmm. I say $89, but I don't know if there are quarters in there or not. It looks like it, but I'm not sure. My husband and I just did the same thing and it was our first time emptying it, too! We used it for our Christmas vacation. It's fun knowing that you're filling it up for a great time.

    Hope you and Carlie have an AWESOME time on your "Mason" date! You'll have to let us know how much there was and where you went with it! :)

  2. Oh, and for the prize... how about the one that gets closest gets to choose where to go and what to do on date night? Too boring?

  3. Great idea! We too have a jar or rather empty vase that we started filling with change a couple months ago. I was going to suggest what Kymberli said about the winner picking the date...

    See you tomorrow :)

  4. we guess $38. maybe just enough for the two of you to fly out to kansas city and go on a DOUBLE date with us???????

  5. $37.99 how bout for the winner go out and go go cart racing. we did that last time we were in japan and it was awesome!

  6. a ONE HOUR massage...it's free...you get to touch your loved one...and it feels so good!
    use the cash for ice cream! :)

  7. I am going to say..... $42.38?!? I think that the winner should be allowed to join you two on your date!

  8. i'm going to throw in my guess of $33.47... as for your prize... j*'s idea of a massage is lovely... or you could totally make it into a big romantic evening, bubble bath, foot rub, massage, etc (of course it has to all be prepared for the winner) :)