06 November 2007


yesterday was my birthday. and carlie's birthday is quickly approaching, so we began celebrating on sunday with friends (i have to give a big thanks to uncle rod, for passing on his bbq pulled pork recipe). so, thank you, friends, for stopping by and hanging out with my bride and i. you all really do warm our hearts (and my new knife can pretty much cut through anything, so thanks to the guys for pitching in). we even started a new tradition, and gave everyone their own cupcake and candle. so, after we sang the birthday song, EVERYONE got to make a wish and blow out a candle.

but, the true treasures were waiting for me at the end of my work day on my actual birthday. upon entering our apartment, i noticed that our entire living space had been thouroughly clean and organized, which is rare for carlie and gabriel's place. i said "hi" to my bride, who was in the other room, as i began to go through my usual post-work ritual of hanging up my clothes and putting away my shoes. i stood in the closet, in the dark, when carlie handed me my shoes...

"don't you want to put these away?" she smirked.

i took them from her grip, and thats when i found my gift. last month, i told my bride that there were a lot of things i wanted for my birthday, but i tend to be overzealous and have expensive taste. so i told her to make me something. on a different occassion, a few months prior, i had remarked that my shoe boxes (yes i am OCD and have labeled boxes for each of my shoes) were a bit tattered and needed to be replaced. so, as i looked up with my shoes in hand, i noticed the perfectly symetrical, colored and labeled, plastic shoe boxes.

the best birthday gift ever. seriously... i know i am a dweeb and a nerd and a... but, i really love my new boxes. so, thanks babe.

we spent a night on the town, inclusive of a candle-lit dinner at taco bell, and desert at my favorite ice cream stop. happy birthday to me!


  1. happy bday. judging by the number of candles you are...13?? Guess carlie seriously robbed the cradle on this one. keep up the art, child prodigy!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Taco Bell and Coldstone sounds like an awesome bday to me! Especially the Coldstone part :)

  3. happy birthday!

    ending an evening with taco bell and coldstone is awesome...

    i suggest polaroids to put on the outside of your shoe boxes too!! works wonders, saves time!! LOL :) my husband thinks i'm insane...

  4. I keep labels on all my sweater boxes and my sock drawers and all my running clothes drawers. I hadn't thought about shoe cases!

    Happy birthday.