09 November 2007


(click here for the related article from the ventura county star)

come on out tomorrow and have some fun with a cowboy! last year was the first "cowboy's for courtney" event, and since her passing, last november 14th, it only made sense to round up the troops once again, and for a good cause. court liked big trucks and fast horses, so that's how our family plans to celebrate her life.

on top of all that, november is a month filled with happy anniversaries and tragic reminders. the month begins with my birthday on the 5th, then pat's (my cowboy dad)on the 10th, followed by carlie's on the 14th. so, our family plans on celebrating together! however, november also reminds us of a life lost to the heavens. our angel, courtney nicole, would have turned 21 this november 21st, so that day will most likely be filled with some difficult emotions. and of course, the 14th of november is now a day our family will choose to cherish and choose to grieve, for it is the day my wonderful bride, carlie renee, was brought into this world by our God, and it is the same day that our angel, courtney nicole, was taken, by that same God.

check out the article which pays tribute to my baby sis, and gives the details for the party tomorrow.

see you at the round-up...

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