12 November 2007


the day had arrived. and, even as i post this, on the eve of my sister's one year anniversary, one year since she passed from this life to the next, it seems a bit surreal. this past saturday, we threw a party, in memory of courtney nicole and for the benefit of the children going thru treatment at ucla medical center. complete with bbq chicken, country music from steve hill, a roping tournament, silent auction and raffle, my mom (with the help of our family and friends... but i'd say it was mostly her) threw a good-ol' fashion ho-down out in fillmore, california.

i had a fun time shooting the kind of ambiance i don't normally find down in orange county. and, a shot of carlie with some yummy treats!
after snapping a few shots, this little guy told me his name was tanner and asked if i was courtney's big brother, "i feel sorry for courtney" he said. we miss you baby girl...
my cowboy dad, pat "rodeo" manning, ropes the head of this steer on his birthday
needless to say, my mom has been through a lot this year. yes, i was courtney's big brother and her bone marrow donor, but my mom was, well... courtney's mom. as much as i hurt over the loss of court, i can't imagine the boots my mom fills. over this past year, i have watched her grow, cry, be strong, and above all, seek truth. my amazing mother, passing out the prizes for the roping.
to our angel, we miss you, and we threw one heck of a party this past weekend... for you.


  1. Looks like you guys threw one heck of a party! I admire you uplifting attitude about the entire situation... See you in a couple of weeks

  2. we have NO idea what that loss must feel like. our hearts go out to you and your dear family. And beautiful images, guys - you both seem to bring your beauty to every situation.