18 August 2007


with to-do lists thrown by the wayside and schedules no longer applicable, my new bride and i relaxed in the quaint dining room of casa laguna and just smiled at one another. we did it. forever and a day is how we like to put it. all of the planning, all of the preparation, all of the late night drives back home, the tears, the busy times... all of that behind us, and now we were able to just sit, and soak in the moment a little bit more intentionally, a little bit slower.

it was the day after our wedding, and the day before we were to catch a plane to the big island of hawaii, when we, mr and mrs davis, got a call from our friend mark who had played guitar at our ceremony. along with my groomsmen, mark had helped pull some extra money together to bless me. for about a year i had been saving to buy my first digital slr, as a late-bloomer stuck on film. however, after engagement rings, car accidents, honeymoon deposits, unexpected loss, all things good, bad, and ugly, i still had not budgeted enough for my camera. so, when mark said, "we put together about 500 bucks for you... but you can't spend it on anything other than your camera," i felt like a kid who came home from school mid-spring to find that his parents had put up a christmas tree and loaded it with gifts just for him; ecstatically unexpected.

so mrs davis and i took the money i had saved, along with the 500 washington's, stepped straight into samys camera in santa ana, past the security guard, to the counter and found the first sales person in sight. "i need someone to sell me a camera," my cheeks sore from my grin.

so, thank you jeremiah, vern, jeff, cody, derek, trevor, and mark. you guys have blessed my life, and i hope that some how, my friendship can bless yours. the following ph0tos are some of the first taken with my new canon 30d, and the one lens i bought for the trip, canon's 50mm f/1.8. enjoy hawaii through the eye of my new five-oh.

here are a few that carlie snapped, at a mai-tai party, during the first part of our stay at the hilton waikoloa beach resort.

when we checked in at kona village the bellman drove us up to our hut, and explained how to use the coconut as our do-not-disturb sign.

Every night was a five-course meal, and to show you what a guy will do for love, i even tried this fruit dish. (i am sort-of odd in the fact that i love veggies and hate fruit)

one day i snuck away to put together a little surprise for my beautiful bride.

our view every night at dinner.


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  1. Love all the pictures. I can't believe how beautiful your room/hut looks at night! Amazing ;)