11 August 2007


daddy was decked from head to toe in those oh-so fashionable baby blue scrubs, complete with hair net... and he looked nervous. in the other room, ashley, his bride waited while the medication set in and the doctors prepared to deliver charlie nicole keen via c-section.

excitement mixed with nerves filled the room, as we all waited. and then, at 7:55 am on monday the 6th of august 2007, charlie came into this world with a full head of hair, and all ten toes (daddy made sure to count right away). at seven pounds, fourteen ounces, nineteen inches, she became our new angel.

happy birthday charlie, and congratulations ashley and cody!

she rarely opened her eyes to her bright new surroundings, but here was a special moment where charlie looked up to say "hi"


  1. Congrats, Uncle Gabe! :)

  2. You captured her beauty - I love the photo of her little feet!

    Charlie's Proud Grammie

  3. Thank you does not even come close to what I feel I owe you. The pictures you took of our little girl are the most precious gift Cody and I will ever get.
    You are amazing, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for your photography career!