24 July 2007


so, three days into it and its great! free breakfast, warm water, beaches, mai tais, good coffee, cup cakes, dancing, friends, champagne, big smiles, grandmas, babies, flowers, bocce ball... and the list could go on. marriage is bliss!

so, i chuckle a bit to know the ups and downs that will face carlie and i in our future, but right now, i am just experiencing and soaking in the blessings. "i am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine..."

on our way to the airport, carlie and i received a surprise gift, which was just enough for me to be able to purchase a brand-spankin-new canon 30d. the image below is the first captured, from our veranda in waikoloa, on the first morning of our honeymoon on the big island of hawaii.

now, i can't realistically expect the first to be the best, or even that great, for that matter... so i am excited for the experiences carlie and i will create over the next couple of weeks, and upon our return, i promise to share some of the images from our story. in the mean time, please check out the images from our wedding, captured by the dynamic duo:
jasmine and jd. aloha.

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  1. Your wedding was magical - a fairy tale come true. I am so glad that you got your camera. Can't wait to see the amazing photos from your honeymoon. I love you both!

    Love, Mom (debbie)