20 May 2007


have you ever been so intrigued by a set of fictional characters on some television series, be honest, that when you go on vacation and return, you feel as if you missed something and there is so much to catch up on...

well, having transferred to a new branch within the same company, i am still chained to my cubicle, but with a new twist... (insert dramatic score here) NO INTERNET. now this would be just fine, under different circumstances. however, with no current connection to the world wide web, at home, and recently discovering a love (addiction?) to blogging, i have been experiencing a definite sense of anxiety. i know that i may not have as many followers as american idol, ready to cast in there votes on my latest entry. regardless, i feel the burden... the need to blog.

so, i will do my best to stay updated. but, where to start?

since my last entry, i have sold my 1964 "cristobal" cortez to an intriguing individual who goes solely by the name "skip," carlie and i have decided to remain in orange county after our wedding, conversations have deepened from possibilities in business and photo life to actual plans of action, and i was able to spend an entire day with cash william keen.

so much can happen so fast, and i will do my duty, to my country, and maintain the events of gabriel ryan on this world wide forum. and, as the days progress, i will spend some time, looking back on the black hole of the past few weeks, at those events that will surely change the course of history.

until the next entry...

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