24 February 2010

That Oozing Floating Ever-Present Kind of Love - Jodie and Nathan

well, what do you guys do on the weekends? what do you do with your spare time? i continued typing in response to a chain of back-and-forth email as jodie and i really tried to articulate how we might best style her engagement shoot. simply put, jodie & nathan, and carlie & i, were looking for the uniqueness in their story.

and ironically enough, we found jodie & nathan's uniqueness in the simplicity of a cup of coffee. it turns out most saturdays, jodie & nathan follow a special tradition: first coffee, then breakfast, then they ride their bikes.

it's nothing extravagant, thinking of a cup of joe and some scrambled eggs, but isn't that the kind of place where relationship REALLY happens? isn't that the kind of place where story lives?

for jodie & nathan the answer is a resounding YES! love could be found in the way he ordered their drinks. love oozed out of them as they sat in the grass outside the coffee shop. and love floated across the channel as i just sat and watched two people enjoy the simplicity of the afternoon.

i feel like thank you is never enough for the joy our clients bring us. and despite my fear of seeming selfish for my next sentence, i must take this moment to say how much i love my own wife. carlie, i pray that you forgive me for devaluing the simple moments in life. i love you.

and jodie & nathan, thank you for sharing your story with us. you have transformed me in the simplest and most profound way.


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  1. Could they be any cuter! I just loved this post too, so sweet & beautiful! Great job!!! :)

  2. Nice post! Love the colors and feel of them all but my favorite is her head on his shoulder in front of the brown door.

  3. I love that Jodie isn't wearing shoes in the last few photos. All of the photos are beautiful!

  4. Some times simple is what you need if it tells the story correctly. I think you told it well.

  5. super cute outfits and wonderful work by you!

  6. love the last one!! very stylish and classy!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last shot guys :) sooo beautiful! xoxo

  8. Last shot should def be on WGSN...Inspiration, think tank....hahahaha
    Couple looks amazing: outfits, scenery and vibe!
    Right on Jodie!!

  9. YAYYYY!!!! this is one of my super cute clients! cant wait to see their designs come together and to have you two shooting it! :) xoxo, c

  10. they are an adorable couple, and i love the way you photographed them!!

  11. great shots. viva la bow tie

  12. the man is so handsome! love your pictures! thanks for sharing :)

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