18 December 2009

Rocking the Beach Cities in Los Angeles - Alex and Ben

i had been wondering when winter, or even fall for that matter, might actually show up. although it was nice for summer to lazily hang out into the later months of the year, i'll have to admit... i was looking for a chance to wear that new faux leather jacket, anxiously hanging in the hall closet.

when out of nowhere, the clouds rolled in, and the floodgates of heaven were released: torrential downpour upon southern california. so, i happily broke out my flannel pj's and my new faux leather jacket, looking forward to a couple of days on the couch eating chili.

the only downside to the late entrance of some actual weather, was it's untimely arrival. smack in the middle of what was supposed to be an entire week of rain, alexandra and ben had scheduled their engagement shoot in palos verdes. with few-to-no days left on our calendar, available for shoots, this year, it looked as if we might have had to push the shoot back, which neither of us wanted to do.

the morning of their scheduled shoot, i expected to roll out of bed to the same pitter-patter that had greeted me first thing on the previous few days, when instead, a beam of light slapped me across the face and proclaimed... it's GO time!!

needless to say, i was thrilled to shoot alex & ben's engagement. they were thrilled just the same. and though the air was brisk, we stopped at nothing to ensure the shoot would be a success.

alex... ben... we can't wait for the big day next year! enjoy the holidays being engaged!! and merry Christmas!!!



ben said he likes shadows. and shadows said they like ben.



alex staying warm.



the foam looked like snow... and was about as cold.
but the cold was no match for ben... or alex.




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  1. Gorgeous session, guys! I love the shadow shot, and of course the first one with that totally awesome pink bicycle. :)

  2. You come to PV again, let me know - I will take you to lunch. :) Love seeing these from my neck of the woods.

  3. i love following your blog but now in the winter it makes me long for the beach and the summer. i liked your comment about the foam looking like snow because it probably isn't quite like the real stuff falling outside my window right now. enjoy your sunshine for the holidays while i bundle up here for the snowstorm forecasted for Christmas. keep taking warm pictures for me!


  4. I have always loved wedding photos. This is so sweet and very romantic. They look so good together.

  5. The beach looks so beautiful so as the couple. This is a stunning photo.