01 October 2009

Luncheon with Lincoln - A Baby Shower

my fingers tirelessly traced the outline once more before tackling the cutting out of more shapes. for weeks, our home turned into craft-central, as carlie dreamed up the perfect baby shower.

and, as if having a son weren't enough of a blessing in itself, our incredible friends showed up, in some really big ways. jesi, with jesi haack weddings, served as carlie's sounding board for all things creative to logistical, and helped as we confirmed, revised, and re-confirmed the list of rentals needed for the big day [much thanks to megan davis with classic party rentals for putting up with so many changes].

when it came to decor, our friend carissa with jl designs offered her eye & her hand, in creating all the florals for the afternoon occasion. while lyndzee donated one of her killerly hip [did i just make up a word] head pieces from her signature brand lady vintique.

last, but definitely not least... the sweets. being that i was most likely going to be the only gentleman present, and really only around to lug furniture and snap some photos, i couldn't wait to see what melody from my sweet & saucy shop, was going to bake up for the girls. not to mention, i had negotiated payment by treats ahead of time, with my lovely wife & mommy-to-be.

so, there you have it! we are blessed beyond belief!! we have creative friends. we have generous friends. we have selfless friends. thank you so much for showing up. we know lincoln appreciates it :)

the invitations were handmade by carlie.
though fall had officially begun, the temperature would tell us otherwise. all the ladies were greeted with an invitation to cool off with a frozen lemonade and...
...a custom fan, traced & cut-out by yours truly.
we hung plain sheets & burlap to provide a little retreat from the sun.
carissa rocked it.
one of carlie's friends, and former bridesmaid, hana lash created custom jewelry as a personalized gift for each attendant. you can check out hana's etsy store here @ www.thalkin.etsy.com

everyone loves a photo sign-in guest book.

and, to keep with the middle name trend, lincoln roe [davis].
who was cuter as a kiddo? actually, maybe i don't want your opinion ;)
and now, my favorite part... you haven't lived until you've tried a candybar cupcake with peanut butter frosting & a caramel drizzle. thanks melody.

carlie wanted to make sure everyone went home with a treat or two.

lastly, carlie's favorite detail of the day.
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  1. RIDICULOUS. thank you for letting me play a part in it.

  2. Oh my...these photos are making me WAY too happy! I was so blessed to be apart of your fabulous day! Can't wait till I get to meet little lincoln!

  3. So amazing. What style you guys have. Lincoln has some seriously cool parents! Can't wait to see his surely to be amazing newborn photos. :)

  4. beautiful!! i LOVE the owl's! lincoln is luky little boy!

  5. I don't think anyone in the whole world has had a more polished and beautiful shower. You should be very proud. I can't imagine what this kid's first birthday party will be like! You guys are amazing

  6. everything is stunning and perfect.
    just gorgeous!

  7. Wow, Carlie, if I didn't already have my wedding I would have DEFINITELY hired you to decorate mine!!!

  8. Oh WOW, what a gorgeous looking baby shower! So many fabulous details!!! Photographers are the best party planners don't you think?!?!

  9. Carey Matson01 October, 2009

    So cute! Congrats on your baby!

  10. LOVE IT!!! STUNNING !! I can't wait to see photos of this little special guy!!
    I have 2 little boys .. and they are little angels from heaven!!!


  11. Everything looks so scrumptious!! Love the guest book.

  12. Awesome! What an amazingly lovely baby shower. Kudos to you, Gabriel, for pitching in so much. Sure sign of a great dad-to-be. ;)

  13. i don't think i've ever seen a baby shower this beautiful before. if you put even 1/2 this effort into raising Lincoln, i can't imagine what an amazing lil man he's going to be.
    you too are both literally and visually creative.

  14. SERIOUSLY!?!?! Coolest party EVER man. You guys rocked my world with these photos! :)

  15. fabulous!!! the most amazing and well decorated baby shower ive ever seen! and you guys rocked the handmade items!! little lincoln is one lucky boy!

  16. Awesome inspiration! I get a few years to think about having one for myself but these are wonderful ideas!

  17. Everything looks wonderful! By far, this is the most creative baby shower I've ever seen. :)

  18. Carlie you did such an amazing job!! Everything looks perfect and absolutely gorgeous :)

  19. wow! seriously the most creative baby shower i've ever seen! simply adorable. congrats you guys!

  20. Very fun! I love how styled baby showers are becoming!

  21. wow. beautiful shower!

  22. This has got to be the most beautiful, attention-to-detail baby shower I have ever seen in my entire life of stalking photography blogs. WOW! Great job - seriously.

  23. amazing invitations and those fans look like the coolest thing ever created :) seriously, great job with all the details, wonderful work!

  24. This makes me want to throw a baby shower now! Wow!!!!

  25. Saw these on Carissa's blog...this shower looks so cool that I want to make out with it. Is that wrong?

  26. what an amazingly cute and gorgeous baby shower! it's like a mini wedding! i love all the details.

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