11 August 2009

Dana Point Wedding Photography - Noel and Brett

when we first met noel in costa mesa, over a light lunch, carlie & i couldn't wait for her engagement shoot at the lab. at the engagement shoot, we finally had the chance to meet brett. and when we met brett, we couldn't wait for their wedding in dana point. this past weekend, we photographed noel & brett's wedding in south orange county, and... you guessed it... we can't wait to see them again.

not only are noel & brett two of the most cheerful and lighthearted individuals you might run across, but the posse they run with is just as delightful. in fact, it was the first wedding where the groomsmen traveled in tandem with a rolling cooler; stay thirsty my friends. and, another first for our studio was a voice mail that carlie received just yesterday. one of the groomsmen asked noel for our phone number, and called to leave a message, simply telling us that he appreciated our attendance & work at noel & brett's nuptials.

this weekend's event ended up being one of those days where i showed up to work, to serve our clients and add value to their story, yet it turned out i was the one whose value was increased. a light thank you, simple yet intentional, and a couple so excited about spending their life together, has truly blessed me in my work.

here's some of the photos from their wedding day...


we all knew noel would be stunning, but when she slipped on her bridal gown, we all agreed. and a few of us saw a bit of resemblance to the late marilyn monroe. what do you think?




at the reception, we had just enough extra time to put together a slide show with a handful of images from the big day. the groomsmen flipped over this one... literally... i think i saw one do two double-backs in a row.

can i tell you how much i love when my client's decide to do a first-look. they are always happy they did. and happy brides usually seem to photograph so nicely.




i had to throw one of brett looking stunna, as you will notice, most of this post is overshadowed by noel's awesomeness.




you guys rule! enjoy your honeymoon in costa rica!! pura vida!!!


  1. Wow wow wow! These are fabulous and that dress is STUNNING! Great work Gabriel!

  2. Oh wow, I love this post. This is probably one of my Gabriel Ryan favorites!

  3. These are awesome! Great work! And her hair is AMAZING! :]

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  5. Lacey Raley11 August, 2009

    Ah-mazing! I love when you have new posts for me to be in awe with!!!

  6. wow what a goregous couple. i love the wedding party shots...and the one of the two of them holding hands...beautiful job!

  7. there is a lot of fabulousness going on in this post. her dress, the details, #12 with her turned around. i'm lovin it all!!

  8. Love this couple. So simple,and casual but with such style and ease. The 7th, 11th and 12th photo are my fav's!!

  9. STUNNING! They look like models! I looove your work!

  10. Debbie Hambright11 August, 2009

    Absolutely amazing! They are So BEAUTIFUL! We will keep you name for the future! Debbie Hambright

  11. Rosemary Moulin11 August, 2009

    Noel you are a stunning young women and a BEAUTIFUL Bride Congratulations! May the Lord Bless the two of you abundantly.... Rosemary

  12. Scott Miller11 August, 2009

    A match made in heaven, the most beautiful bride and a man after God's own heart, I love you both!
    Great job on the pictures, absolutely amazing!

  13. Debbie Miller12 August, 2009

    Noél and Brett I love you both! Gabriel and Carlie these are truely amazing pictures, God has giving you both an incredible gift. Thank you so much!

  14. they are SO HOT! love that dress and everything about this wedding. You guys did FABO @ capturing it...

  15. this couple rocks it. i love the close up portrait of the bride. how can you be so talented? really it pains me.

  16. This is the most amazing wedding you two!! I showed these pictures to my best friend and she said hands down thats what I want my dress my bridesmades everything to be like! You did such an amazing job of capturing how stunning the bride and groom were and also the detail shots are awesome!
    Great job, congrats!
    xo Sarah

  17. So I stumbled on your blog awhile back and have been a follower since :)
    Everyone's already said it all.... but let me say it again: AMAZING job on this BEAUTIFUL wedding.

  18. ok.....stunning....was there a groom in the picture? Sorry Brett your bride is beaming with peace, joy, and amazing contentment that jumps thru my computer. We are so happy for the happy couple. Thanks for sharing Deb.
    call me

  19. Wow what an amazingly gorgeous couple! The photos you took are so artsy and fun! Fabulous wedding!

  20. I just love her dress, and hair, and bouquet... all of it is stunning!

  21. I hope this isn't rude, but could you tell me where there wedding was? I know Dana Point, but I'm looking to wed in California and those pictures are beautiful! It looks like it's exactly what I'm looking for! These pictures are phenomenal! All your photos are amazing!

  22. I would also love to know where the ceremony took place!!