07 July 2009


i can only imagine...

life has already changed so much over the past few years, and even continues to currently, yet in 131 days life is sure to shift course once again.

...and i couldn't be more excited.

i pinched myself when carlie & i stepped into her doctor's office earlier today. i kept looking at each person in that office: the receptionist who processed our payment, the elderly woman reading her romance novel in the waiting room, the ultrasound tech that would show us the progress our son has made over the past 22 weeks. i kept looking at these people, and thinking,

don't you understand. don't you realize what's going down.

seriously! i mean... i know that women have been giving birth for thousands of years; that before pre-natal vitamins or la maz class were ever brought to the table, God has been making babies. i get it. i'm not the first father to hit the stage. but, seriously... don't you realize what's going down?!?!

i get to be a daddy. i get to be excited about first steps and going big potty all by himself. i get to teach him how to play catch and how to show mommy love. i get my surfing buddy.

i'm absolutely certain that none of this makes sense, and most of you are probably wondering what the heck i am rambling about. but, i guess i simply want to share how stoked i currently feel. for me, the near arrival of lincoln roe davis has sent me off the richter-scale in terms of the radness i feel.

i haven't even had the chance to look you in the eye or hold you yet [carlie still gets that role for the next few months], but i love you, lincoln.
p.s. thanks ashley & jeff for hanging out with carlie & i the other week. red velvet is my favorite, and the packaging was a nice touch :)


  1. Sooooo, so, SO Adorable! In my day job as a Spanish Interpreter, I get to be in a lot of deliveries. And my favorite ones are when the dads get excited!!! I don't know you guys (yet! I totally want to meet you!), but my prayers are with you, and I this post totally filled me with joy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i teared up at this post. Wow, what an incredible guy you are! and what an incredible couple you two are! :D

  3. ...and it only gets better with each one (we have 3 under 3, and none of them are multiples... HELP!!!)...enjoy the ride!

  4. this is the sweetest post....i am excited for you. congrats! by the sounds of it you're going to be an awesome daddy.

  5. Leah Mullett08 July, 2009


  6. You are going to be the best dad AND its obvious how much you love Carlie. It's very inspiring...thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  7. Darryl Glen09 July, 2009

    I don't get it. But, with any luck, I will some day in the future. :)

    Having said that, it's great to see your enthusiasm (though I know that word understates it entirely). If only more soon-to-be fathers shared your emotional honesty and wild abandon! :D

  8. I know exactly what you mean! :) I have a 5 mo. old boy and my husband was so excited to have a buddy to ride dirt bikes with! :) Even though the birth of babies old news to everyone else, when it happens to you... it feels like you're walking on air!

  9. gabriel, you are awesome. if it's an indication on how much you put in your business, how much you love carlie, how kind you are to us, you are going to be the most amazing dad ever.

  10. I totally get it! Although...not the 'daddy' side of things. Ha, ha! Anyhow, your post got me all choked up. It really IS crazy how much you love your own kid. Becoming a parent is seriously one of the most amazing miracles in this life. I'm so happy for you two! :)

  11. congrats guys! such an exciting time. Brandon and I are having a baby too (alexander james williams, who we have dubbed little alex)... and he's due the same week as lincoln!!! amazing times.

  12. I get it. I totally get it. I am 37 weeks, doctor says he can come anytime. All we can think about is teaching him everything we can. It literally consumes our minds, it's all we talk about. We already have museum and aquarium trips planned. Sometimes I think were weird that were excited about potty training, about little superman chones! We talk about teaching him to open doors for girls! I can't wait to hear his cry! It's amazing, simply amazing that this little boy (Aiden Joseph Gomez) that has been growing in my stomach for nine months is about to enter our world. I can't wait!

  13. Congratulations! It _is_ amazing! Don't lose that awe and utter joy!

  14. Anytime wizards. Anytime (: You better believe we'll be bringing more when Licoln arrives!

  15. You are going to make such a loving dad. I love that.

  16. Such a great post. My husband and I have a baby boy and it is incredible. The. Best. Love. Ever.

    I do not know you and Carlie personally. I'm just a fan of your blog and your work. The video you made announcing your pregnancy was so touching.
    It made me cry, as I remembered how exciting pregnancy is. And I made my husband watch it.
    The cake was such a lovely idea.

    Wishing you and Carlie all the best as you begin the greatest journey life could ever offer...parenthood.


  17. Hey guys... many, many congrats!!! I'm expecting a boy in October as well... sounds like we aren't too far off from each other. Enjoy, enjoy and so excited for you both. What you wrote brought me to tears... beautiful!!

  18. This is my first visit here. I'm just starting a photography business & checking out ShowitFast.com (where I got the link to your site, which I LOVE) and trying to decide whether I should pay for a site when I'm not making any $ shooting yet. ;-)

    While you are light years ahead of me in the realm of photography, I've got an edge in the kiddo department; we've got 8 of them. Let me tell you that as much as you love photography, there is nothing so amazing as when the images you capture are of your own children.

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your son!


  19. So this totally got me all teay-eyed…. I totally get it. And cant wait till my husband and I can experience the same amazing blessing! :)

    p.s. Sprinkles red velvet is heavenly!

  20. Anonymous23 July, 2009

    Congratulations. And, yep...I can relate. You think you love him more that words now...oh just you wait until you are holding him in your arms. A glimpse of true, unconditional love. Amazing.