05 February 2009

Mammoth Men - Man-O-Gram

in the early wintery months of 2008, eight celebrated, award-winning and downright awesome photographers from all over the country grabbed their snowboards to ride the mountains of mammoth, california. this marked the beginning of what is now known as…wait for it…the MAMMOTH MEN. what ensued during that getaway was a week filled with adventure, spontaneity, hijinks and storied tales. a bond was forged amongst these men and a commitment made to doing it again, and doing it often!

during the summer of 2008, the MAMMOTH MEN hit the road again. only this time, they loaded up 10 photographers in a prevost rock star tour bus, drove for five days up the california coast and shared it with everyone via their traffic happy blog. so much so that their blog readers actually got to choose their day-to-day adventures while watching them play out the next day. the blog following continued even after the west coast trip ended and garnered media attention in the blogosphere.

well, the guys are back for their much anticipated third installment of the MAMMOTH MEN. watch the mayhem unfold as these 12 photographers board their prevost and head into the american southwest to document their route 66 road-trip. packed with more guys, more miles and more camaraderie, it's not just a roadtrip...it's a lifestyle.

Mammoth Men 4 Trailer | The American Southwest from FRED EGAN on Vimeo.


  1. Okay seriously this left me wanting more!!! lol. its like a man-cation dance party! i loved the part of you guys walking "oh so dramatically" toward the camera :) lol. damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

  2. i loved all the pictures that you posted on the mammoth men blog of this trip...i checked it daily. i can't wait to see what other adventures you guys go on.

  3. Fun ! Fun! Fun! I've done the drive to Taos, NM once, and it was so beautiful...it looks like you boys...men...had a great time!