06 November 2008


after a few days hanging out in an empty house [while gabriel was down in central america] i [carlie] decided to head north for some much needed family time. two days of play time with cash & charlie was just what the doctor ordered! so, i surprised my niece & nephew by picking up cash after a long day of kindergarten. the following images are a snippet of what took place over the next couple of days...

10242008_cashandcharlie_02 copy

10242008_cashandcharlie_03 copy
gabriel typically has the same reaction when i bathe him in the kitchen sink.
10242008_cashandcharlie_04 copy

10242008_cashandcharlie_05 copy
charlie is definitely growing up. this was the first time she let me & her mom paint her toe nails. nothing says girl-time like leg warmers & nail polish...
10242008_cashandcharlie_06 copy
something's missing... hmmm...
10242008_cashandcharlie_07 copy


10242008_cashandcharlie_09 copy
the cash man!
10242008_cashandcharlie_10 copy
future fishing pro's of america... watch out!
10242008_cashandcharlie_11 copy

10242008_cashandcharlie_12 copy


  1. Thank you so much for taking those photos Carlie! We are so lucky to have you in our family :)

  2. the leg warmers shot kills me! these are really great carlie.

  3. I will totally admit it; i check the gabriel/carlie photo blog often.

    keep up the great work.

    those kids are beautiful, and you totally get the awesome, genuine, beautiful essence of all that's good during that age :)

  4. omg... on the sink ... and those painted toe nails! hilarious! you guys all looked like you had fun.

  5. I absolutely love the shot in the sink!Carlie you are awesome at taking children shots -seriously :)

  6. The kids are getting so big!! I can't believe how much Charlie has grown.

    These are beautiful shots Carlie, I especially love the one in the sink.

  7. What an awesome weekend spending time with Ashley and her adorable kiddos! Everyone needs an Aunt Carlie!!

  8. how fun! the sink and laundry basket? way too cute. :)

  9. Wow Carlie... These are great! You really have an eye for detail.

  10. Adorable! You have such a great eye Carlie! I love the painted toes and leg warmers.