02 November 2008


the past couple weeks have been rad to say the least. i have found myself deep in central america, surfing in trunks in october, snorkeling in hawaii, and jumping from one plane to the next. and though it has been rejuvenating to leave behind wifi, and email, and cell phones... for the simple life, for a lazy afternoon with a couple of beers in a hammock, waiting for the tide to come up, i am amped to get back in the game. not to mention i'm stoked to sleep in my own bed.

so, carlie and i are about to pack up our bags and jump on our last plane for a while (until february at least), and leave the island life, for our daily life. i am sure orange county will be just as busy, as fast-paced, as we left it. and when we roll back into the neighborhood early tomorrow morning, after downloading all the photo & video from the past few weeks, i am actually looking forward to a nice dose of suburbia.

isn't my wife hot?!?! carlie chillin' in the jungle at waimea.


  1. carlie is a supermodel! :) hope u settle in nicely back at home.

  2. she is gorgeous. =)


  3. As talented infront or behind the camera ...

    Thx for the comments on my blog!!!

  4. Carlie is BEYOND hot!!!
    I am excited to see more pictures from your trip!
    Welcome home!

  5. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful wife! And us blogstalkers here are very blessed to have you both back home. Hee hee!

  6. Could Carlie be more photogenic ?! hmm i dont think so :) seriously your kids are going to be ridiculously good looking!

  7. carlie is gorgeous and you guys together are like.. beautiful people... completely untouchable :D. dude you are so lucky. safe trips!