01 September 2008


like peanut butter & jelly
she would tell me over and over... and over.

but i already knew. sam didn't have to convince me how awesome her & aaron were... together... as a team.

sam & aaron are two of our greatest friends. they are friends who understand the intricacies of a new marriage. they get the ups & downs that come with being business owners and photographers. plus, they know how to enjoy a good beer [aaron] and the latest episode of project runway [sam]; added bonus.

like carlie & i, sam & aaron tied the knot last summer, and had the bombtastic central coast photog, cameron ingalls shoot their big day. so, with their one year anniversary coming up, we were stoked when they asked us to document the occasion with our editorial style portraiture. coming from another photographer [aaron is 1/2 of the team at AHS Photography], i was enthused at the opportunity.

sam was smokin. aaron was solid. i will let the photos tell you the rest.

see... utter hotness.

we love sam's smile. seriously, it can light up the room.

making even your ordinary alleyway look good.

so, i took the liberty to adjust the format in which we would have displayed the next two images, but carlie vetoed my creativity. click here for the bonus track.

and those of you that follow aaron's blog, you may already know. but, sam & aaron unfortunately had to cancel their anniversary plans to vegas because they both came down with a serious cold. hopefully this slide show will help nurse the both of you back to health. at least it tastes better than airborne. enjoy.


  1. 1. you guys are awesome. i'm just starting out in this crazy world of wedding photography & i'm inspired by you guys & your work.

    2. i totally agree with carlie's veto. the whole crazy-spider-leg-thing was just weird. creative ... but weird.

    3. i'm a big fan of ovaltine.

  2. oooh these are AWESOME guys!! each one was more yummy than the next. And I am DIGGING her blue shoes!!


  3. These are hot!!!! These will bring Aaron right out of the cold...

  4. Am I going to have cute nieces and nephews someday or what!!!!!

    Sam you are HOT!

  5. Awesome, awesome awesome! Great shoot and I adore her heels!

  6. That's a pretty rad location you picked there ;)

  7. I knew I recognized that face!!! ahahah!!! :-D These are awesome guys. Also, am I the only one who thinks Sam looks a bit like Mark?

  8. Supper cool!! And totally hot!!! You guys rocked it out!

  9. wow you guys rocked this session. I love it!!

    The styling is amazing. I don't know who's idea it was with the clothes and stuff, but it looks HOT! :D

    love it!

  10. Nice! I was just thinking about Aaron+Sam this week... because I'm going to D-land today and that's where we shot their engagement pictures. Great work on these, they are total fashionistas! totally what they needed.

  11. You guys have freakin HOT images! Love 'em! :)