12 June 2008


if you were to step through the front door of wachovia and make a deposit with him on a normal business day, his name badge would read 'Don.' but don't be fooled... after meeting 'Don's' father [Don] and 'Don's' grandfather [also Don] i was informed [after 6 months of calling him 'Don'] that 'Don' goes by his middle name... Jason. All three generations happen to be Donald J's, each with a different middle name, though all beginning with the letter 'J.'

michelle and jason are full of life. it is evident in the way they interact. i love watching from afar, as these stories unfold in front of my lens. the random cha-cha line on the dance floor. a special prayer from a grandfather. the telling of stories from a father giving away his bride. and a groom on his tip toes, leaning out to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. these are the moments that make up the story. and with my motto, michelle & jason knew exactly what to do...


carlie & i were stoked to hang out on your wedding day, to steal you away for a few moments in an empty parking garage, and to have the chance to play part in such an important part of your story. here are a few moments that told the day...

the groom's posse.

all the planning.  all the dreaming.  all the preparation.  all leading to this moment...

i love watching people, well... watch people.

mister and misses.

we loved the light streaming in from the side.  isn't she stunning...

i absolutely freaking love this one.

and here is the highly anticipated slideshow...


  1. I absolutely freaking love that one too!!! :-D But I have to say I love the groom's posse the most just for the background. Being and Indiana person and seeing the palm trees in the background just makes it seem like a fantasy location. :-D Wish we could have stuff like that!!!

  2. I love the one that you love. AWESOME!


  3. Anonymous13 June, 2008

    That last one is killer!!

  4. Amazing job yet again! I love watching people watch people too :)

  5. *swoon*

    love them all but that last one is fantabulous!!!

  6. Outstanding images, I love them all!

  7. Nice job on these! I absolutely love that last image of the bride. //enoch

  8. sweet fancy moses guys!!!! last shot mmm..mmm...guuud!!! rocked.it.out my friends!!!