18 April 2008


my beautiful bride & i grabbed dinner [taco bell] and a movie ['the other boleyn girl' @ the $3 theatre], followed by a tasty treat at golden spoon. and, upon returning home, i began prepping my equipment for tomorrow's wedding, when i came across the following...

yes, that is mark brooke in the wake of lyonzilla about to release his wrath.

i don't know how he knew, but the gentleman in the photograph must have had a premonition that dane would bust out the claw.

thank you carlie for capturing such gems and leaving them like the pudding snack at the bottom of my sack lunch. have a great weekend.


  1. soooo funny! you comedian you... -candice.
    p.s. these two pictures are priceless!

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  3. next week Lyonzilla and i shall battle...

    [mark]thra Vs. Lyonzilla it will be epic

  4. I like your work! Looking forward to following your blog. many blessings, allyson

  5. hmmmm...I don't see an rss feed, let me know if this is possible and I just don't see it!

  6. Oh my gosh, that made me laugh out loud. Love the claw! I hadn't seen your new photos on your blog header since I'm always viewing in RSS. Looks great you guys!

  7. Too funny!
    The claw is gonna get you...

    How was the movie, btw?

  8. gimme my snack pack!!!!

    the claw rules! i've busted it out on many occasions.

    great pics carlie!

  9. Keep it coming!! love your wit and work. The snack pack... priceless.