11 March 2008


last night [b]ecker taught me how to play poker. and then i took his money. thanks [b]. [disclaimer: i did have the advantage of playing like a 'donkey' which i guess means that i have no idea as to the 'correct' way to bet & play poker].

the night started out at ling & louie's, where becker arranged a happy-hour chill-session for any & all photogs within a decent hang-out radius. it was so good to meet new friends, blog friends, & some of our favorite photogs. add coconut shrimp & i really couldn't have designed a better monday afternoon. my job rocks!

as we geared up to leave & call it early, jessica claire asked if carlie & i played poker. uhhhh... yeah [i was thinking of the $40 i dropped in bishop at the indian casino on the way to mammoth a couple months ago], so we took the invite, and an awesome opportunity to just chill with others in the industry.

after a stomach full of chic-filet & taquitos, the assault of 'fort knox' deciding not to play smart [aka candice of mark brooke photographer], a couple dumb-but-lucky hands, one or two good plays & 5 hours of poker, i had taken out a few players, to include both my wife and becker [on the river... sorry] and found myself across the table from my new friend ma5en. somehow the newb [me] had made it through, from 11 down to 2.

but ma5en played strong and took the game. not bad though, especially for a rad night of entertainment and good ol' fashion community.

vegas is right around the corner... can't wait.


  1. Glad you had fun. Hope to see you guys in Vegas.

  2. Yeah for playing like "donkeys"! we did awesome...YOU did awesome.

  3. Good for you!
    I wasn't even about to attempt to play that night :) Glad you got so far!
    Yeah for Vegas! :)

  4. Fun! Sounds like you did awesome!!

  5. Cool shot :) Congrats on almost winning in poker! It was nice to meet you and the wifey on Monday! And thanks for being the only brave person at the table to get filmed with me! haha

  6. Hilarious! I can't believe it, and look at you getting all close with all the bigshots!! I have a feeling that someday you will be some distant star and we will say to people who worship you "you know, we were on his blog once"
    wish we were coming to vegas cause it would rule to finally meet. guess we'll have to wait until june...

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Sir! That's awesome. There's seriously nothing like beginner's luck, especially in Poker. It's almost better sometimes than knowing the "rules". As my dad always said, I'd take Luck over Skill any day! Hope to see you in Vegas.

  8. totally amelia... in fact, i think i heard the phrase tossed around the table quite a bit that night "it's better to be lucky than good"

    too funny :)

    and ashley, i think it will be the other way around, with the masses bowing at the mastery of your artistic talent behind the lens. but hey, i can always dream too, so thanks for the support.

  9. How fun. I absolutely LOVE those [b] chips.

    Sounds like you might be ready to hit the tables in Vegas? :)

    Hope you have a great time!

  10. Wow love this photo!

    Bet you loved Las Vegas! I went there to take photos this time last year loved it!

    Keep up the great work