06 February 2008


i peeled off the small oval sticker, placed it off my person, and strutted away as if i had just changed the course of history. and, almost immediately i felt like it didn't matter.

i did it.
i voted.
and it woke me up.

it started conversations, with my wife, with my friends, and it made me realize. whether or not i voted [yes it was important] was not the point. just like, whether or not i go to church [yes it is important] is not the point. the point is about living it out.

i don't plan on watching cnn with every spare minute, or parading a series of banners off of my back patio, looking over the streets of costa mesa [none of these things are bad]. but i do plan on paying attention. i plan on being american, 365 days a year, and not just the one day when i have the privilege to vote. so, i wanted to throw a quick shout out to those people that make america such a great place...

.::. to the men & women in uniform
.::. to the ladies at the polling place where i voted
.::. to the entrepreneurs
.::. to the people in their cubicles
.::. to all my photog friends
.::. to the brides
.::. to the grooms
.::. to the elderly who have paid their dues
.::. to all those 'green'
.::. to my mentors
.::. to my wife
.::. to you

thanks for making america great [far from perfect]. have a full wednesday.


  1. I don't even really "know" you yet, Gabriel (I can't wait for dinner with you and Carlie!), but I can tell that you are a gift to those around you. Great post... and HERE'S TO YOU! :)

  2. thanks kymberli. i can't wait to meet you and al.

  3. It's funny. I had a similar feeling, Gabriel. I had even forgotten my oval label until a young woman came running out after me like I had stolen her purse. I digress... I walked back to our apt. (it's only a block away from the polling place) and I felt blah. I felt like I had done what I needed to do, but what difference was it REALLY going to make? I need to change my attitude and pay attention to more current events instead of just the business. You can bet I'll be in line to vote in November!